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Bachelor of Arts

Costume & Fashion

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    3 Years

  • Credits

    180 ECTS

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Overview & Learning Outcomes

The Bachelor of Arts in Costume & Fashion is a unique Undegraduate Programme in which the subject areas of Costume, Fashion and Accessories Design are perfectly combined and balanced within the same educational path, providing students with an adequate cultural, stylistic and design preparation in all the fields related to the development, positioning and commercialization of the fashion product. Every discipline supports the student in the acquisition of drawing, design and technical competences, thanks to an approach linked to design and product through culture, experimentation and practice.

The learning outcomes consist in the acquisition of specific professional competences for the purpose of conveying knowledge and design method in the experimentation of new expressive languages with specific reference to Fashion and Costume Design for performing arts. The course intends to shape professionals able to work in various areas of fashion and to apply the theoretical and practical culture in sectors in constant transformation and evolution.

Upon completion of the Bachelor of Arts in Costume & Fashion students will be able to work as: Fashion Designers, Accessories Designers, Costume Designers, Product Managers, Textile Designers, Fashion Illustrators, Merchandisers, Research and Development Managers



  • Fashion Designer
  • Accessories Designer
  • Costume Designer
  • Product Manager
  • Textile Designer
  • Fashion Illustrator
  • Merchandiser
  • Research and Development Manager

The Bachelor of Arts in Costume & Fashion is addressed to students with a minimum B2 level of knowledge of Italian language and holding a secondary school diploma or other equivalent study title obtained after at least 12 years of education and allowing the access to first-cycle academic courses in the foreign education system of reference.

In order to maintain the high quality of the study experience, the Bachelor of Arts in Costume & Fashion observes a limited-enrolment policy. Applicants are required to pass an admission test aimed at evaluating the interest and attitude towards the subject areas of the course of choice.


The 1st Academic Year is characterized by the introduction to subjects such as the knowledge of the body and human anatomy drawing, drawing techniques and design method, illustration, textile typology in support to creativity and development in Fashion and Costume Design.


The 2nd Academic Year further explores cultural knowledge combined with a direct interaction with design for Fashion and Costume. During the course, various areas of product, costumes for theatre and cinema will be analyzed, developed and designed together with their graphic communication. Also exploring, technical competence of construction in laboratory and the implementation of the knowledge of fabrics. Students will investigate for the first time the world of Fashion Accessories: bags, shoes and small leather goods from the initial creative ideas to the acquisition of a method through geometrical patterns, detail design plan and material technology.


The 3rd Academic Year is focused on the completion of a personal creative identity developed through the cultural knowledge conveyed and acquired. This is the year in which the fashion collections and costumes for theatre/cinema are developed with teachers and industry in partnership with Accademia Costume & Moda. The interpretation of the brand codes in respect of the identity of the customer is expressed in a personal and contemporary vision along with the exploration and analysis of the brand positioning and the identification of the market rules related to the product. Visits to national and international fairs and Italian manufacturing companies are supported by lectures with famous Creative Directors, Head and Senior Designers, Film and Theatre Directors, actors and entrepreneurs. A special attention is also reserved to the selection of the Final Work and the development of a personal awareness and responsibility as starting points for job placement.

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Costume & Fashion Alumni

Costume & Fashion Alumni

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