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Accademia Costume & Moda (ACM) is always in search of emerging talent, enhancing the opportunity of personal growth, supporting and encouraging the development of creative and innovative competences. With the support of donations by private individuals, companies, institutions, entities and associations, over the last five years ACM has continued to improve its resources fueling its engine of cultural, social and economic growth.

How to Support:

  • One-off donation through bank transfer to Accademia di Costume e di Moda Ente Morale(Italian Republic Presidential Decree n.620/1970)

Bank code number IBAN: IT 87I 03069 09606 100000067057


  • Devolve the “5 x 1000” of the Italian Income Tax Form (Modello Unico, 730, CUD) in “Support of Voluntary Work and of other Non-profit Organizations of Public Utility, of Associations of Social Utility and of Recognized Associations and Foundations that Operate in Sectors described in Art.10, comma 1, Letter A), Legislative Decree n.460 of 1997” inserting ACM’s Fiscal Code number: 02652810587.

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Student support and Scholarships

To support academic excellence, ACM has introduced a Scholarship Programme in support of brilliant minds with the aim of investing in their future and creating opportunities for academic progression and specialization.

During a.y. 2019/20, 50 (fifty) scholarships were assigned from both ACM and its Partners and Supporters, for a total amount of €341,050, benefiting 17% of the student population. Therefore, during a.y. 2019/20 one student out of six is benefiting from the Scholarship Programme.

Campus improvement and Support

ACM, in close synergy with its Partners and Supporters, has undertaken over the last few years a number of initiatives for the improvement of its facilities and infrastructures, optimizing at the same time the resources that make the Campus unique in its genre for education, hospitality and research. Among the latest achievements we highlight:

Support for Special Projects, Industry Projects and Talents

The tight collaboration with the most important Maisons and the big names of fashion system, of the performing arts industry and of the fashion communication sector, has allowed ACM to offer its students many significant opportunities for personal growth and exchange.

Thanks to the support of our Industry Partners, ACM organizes projects that allow students to gain deep industry insight ranging from raw materials, to production and product development processes, to final products, resulting in an important work of research, experimentation and innovation. The acquisition of didactic and expressive methodological competences, increasingly relevant also in the field of communication, commits our students in the search for new marketing strategies and product and design storytelling. Further projects and activities with our Partners range from the study of sustainability, to the use of high-tech techniques, from the organization of follow-up meetings with professionals, to the publishing of editorials.

Cultivate talent, support future designers in the process of the definition of their own creative identity and assist them along their creative development journey. To the Partners that have supported and believed in our mission, and to those who have made possible the organization and realization of the various annual ACM Fashion Shows, as well as the publication of the annual Talents Book: THANK YOU!


Tax relief

The Italian tax system guarantees tax relief to taxpayers, natural persons and companies that make grants and donations in favor of non-profit associations and other eligible institutions.

For the purposes of deducibility and traceability it is essential that grants and donations are made through banks, post offices, bank and cashier’s cheques.

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