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FOCUS ON LINEN & HEMP with Ornella Bignami

On Saturday April 15th our community was invited to follow a masterclass with Ornella Bignami, Creative Director of Elementi Moda and strategic partner of Alliance for European Flax-Linen and Hemp.

This European institution looks after with the promotion of flax and hemp.

This masterclass was very interesting and especially open to our Master in Fabrics Innovetion Design students and the ones of the BA in Costume & Fashion in our Roman campus.

Ornella presented the fibers and their certifications with an important focus on sustainability. The meeting was enriched by the presentation of materials: fibers, fabrics, dyes, finishes that can transform them drastically and innovative fabrics.

These fabrics that are composite materials made from European flax and hemp fibers from renewable and agricultural sources are used in fields such as the automotive industry for thermoplastic or thermos setting models.

Many sport and leisure products now available to the public, benefit from the technical advantages of linen composites.

Ideal for everyday use, flax and hemp composites are also widely used in the conception and design of houses.

Thank you Ornella for this incredible opportunity!

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