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After the success of the Soul System, winners of the tenth edition of X Factor Italia in 2016, also this year the famous television contest avails itself of the collaboration of the Talents of the our BA in Costume & Fashion.

Eva Bureau, winner of the “Fashion Design awaerd” of ACM Talents 2020 with her “Hexapoda” Capsule Collection, inspired by William Gibson’s science fiction novel ” Neuromancer ” and post punk subculture, dressed Giuseppe Piscitelo, aka V3rgo, finalist in the team led by Mika, in the episode on Thursday 12 November.

To accompany the outfit designed and created by our young designer, the creations of Pierpaolo Piccioli x Moncler Genius

To build the look the costume designer Maria Sabato, alumna of Accademia and today one of the most renowned professionals in television, and Veronica Bergamini, Fashion Stylist.

Waiting to find out who will be the next X Factor finalists to choose our Talents, the appointment is on SKY, Thursday 19th November.

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