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Accademia Costume & Moda (ACM) presented the BA Graduate Fashion Show ‘ACM TALENTS 2024’, which featured a presentation of the collections crafted by 20 students from the Bachelor of Arts in Costume and Fashion: Fashion, Accessories & Costume Design.

The students: Beatrice Bartolocci, Tommaso Chini, Federica Cosimelli, Michael Di Giovanni, Matilde Di Tommaso, Nosakare Ekhator, Alive Ercoli, Julia Frenguelli, Tommaso La Sala, Viola Marchiori, Eleonora Moreschini, Alessio Mussati, Giorgio Natti Rainieri, Ji Su Park, Mattia Pozzo, Sabrina Raus, Alice Rotoni, Letizia Sarasso, Tobia Setten, Martina Trimboli.

The collections are created following thorough research, drawing inspiration from the individual journey of each student, enhancing the territory and savoir-faire of Made in Italy. Attentive to sustainability, innovation and craftsmanship, they celebrate heritage and a sense of community. Each creation is the fruit of the students’ vision and creativity, translated into unique pieces that tell stories and emotions. Every detail reflects a commitment to a responsible and inclusive future, while innovation leads the way to new horizons. These collections are testaments to the passion, ingenuity and commitment of our students, carried forward and sustained thanks to the support and generosity of more than 40 companies in the Italian textile and tanning industry.

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