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The costumes designed by seven students of the Accademia arrive on the stage of the most important Italian Theatre, for “Il Berretto a Sonagli ” (“Cap and Bells “) by Luigi Pirandello – directed and scripted by Gabriele Lavia – one of the most renowned masters of Italian theatre.

The students of costume designer – Matilde Annis, Carlotta Bofalini, Flavia Garbini, Ludovica Ottaviani, Valentina Poli, Stefano Pio Ritrovato, Nora Sala, created the costumes in the studios of Sartoria Farani in Rome, one of the most important internationally celebrated theatrical costumeries.

We would like to underline Gabriele Lavia’s commitment to supporting emergent talents, choosing to entrust the costumes’ development and realization to the students of ACM’s Bachelor’s Degree in Costume & Fashion, supported all the way by Maestro Andrea Viotti (Coordinator – Master’s Degree in Art & Craft of the Costume Designer, Professor – Bachelor’s Degree in Costume & Fashion, ACM – Director of the Costume Department).


This has been a unique opportunity, which allowed the students to interface with the different phases of costume design: from the script breakdown, research and analysis of the reference period, sketch, experimentation and fabrics, budget, reports, cutting and construction right up to the final phases.


Andrea Viotti: “It is important for me that students have the opportunity to challenge themselves in the field and experiment with all the knowledge and know-how which they have learned during their course.  Ever since I was young, I felt the need to give space to new talents, something that rarely happened. Along with these collaborations, really love to give these opportunities to the Academy’s students – so that they can start working with the great Masters – and launch their professional careers.”


Il Berretto a Sonagli / Cap and Bells

Gabriele Lavia, Federica di Martino and Francesco Bonomo, Matilde Piana, Maribella Piana, Mario Pietramala, Giovanna Guida, Beatrice Ceccherini

Directed by Gabriele Lavia

Screenplay by Alessandro Camera

Music by Antonio Di Pofi

Costumes created by Accademia Costume & Moda third year students of Costume & Moda Degree ; costume department coordinated by Andrea Viotti


Effimera Srl in co-production with Diana OR.I.S.

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