ACM's Open Days

The dates of April 18, May 16 and 14 july will be organized online remotely. The events will be held in Italian language. After a presentation of the Undergraduate programmes there will be also a Q&A live session in which you will be able to ask all your questions about the courses and admission process.

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During these occasions our guests will have the opportunity to:

  • LISTEN to the presentation of all Academic Programs given by the Director of Education and by the Coordinators of each path.
  • MEET the faculty and confront with them;
  • MEET the students, we strongly believe that the best insights on an important decision as the one where to study, may only be given by the people who have already made that decision;
  • MEET our Alumni who are working within the Fashion System or the Entertainment Industry;
    VISIT the Palace, or better our Campus, have an idea of the classrooms, of the laboratories and mee tour staff.
  • BE INFORMALLY INTERVIEWED by our Orientation and Marketing Office or directly by our Program Leaders or even our Director of Education.
In the period of the COVID-19 emergency, Open Days will be structured as follows:

Bachelor of Arts Programmes

  • Saturday February, 15th 2020
  • Saturday March, 07th 2020 Cancelled
  • Saturday April, 18th 2020 - Online Day
  • Saturday May, 16th 2020 - Online Day
  • Tuesday July, 14th 2020
  • Saturday September, 12th 2020

Academic Master (1-year programmes) You can register at the specific online event (Webinar). Check the calendar of the events or request an informative interview.

Master of Arts (2-years programmes) You can request an informative interview.