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Open Days represent an important source of orientation for students and parents interested in learning more about Accademia Costume & Moda and its academic offer. Register by filling the form or call +39 06.6864132.

Are you interested in our Undergraduate Programmes?
You can request a visit of Rome and Milan campus and an informative interview on site or online by filling the form below.

Are you interested in Masters, Masters of Art, Specialization Programmes?
You can sign up to the next International Open Day Online of February 7th 2023 or you can request an informative interview in english online or in presence by simply filling the form.

Did you miss the last event? You can always fix an informative interview with the Counseling Office and request a visit of the school by writing an e-mail at, calling +3906.6864132 or writing a Whatsapp message at the number +39 342.381.5672.

During Open Days you will have the chance to:


  • Discover Accademia Costume & Moda and its educational method
  • Listen to the presentation of the academic programs
  • Meet teachers, directors and coordinators of our courses
  • Talk with our alumni about their study experience
  • Know the career opportunities and the companies that collaborate with ACM
  • Visit the school, its spaces and laboratories
  • Request an informative interview with the Counseling Office or start your admission process for Master and Vocational courses directly with the Academic Directorship and the course Directors.


The Bachelor of Arts in Costume & Fashion is a unique Undegraduate Programme in which the subject areas of Costume, Fashion and Accessories Design are perfectly combined and balanced within the same educational path, providing students with an adequate cultural, stylistic and design preparation in all the fields related to the development, positioning and commercialization of the fashion product. Every discipline supports the student in the acquisition of drawing, design and technical competences, thanks to an approach linked to design and product through culture, experimentation and practice.

The Undergraduate Course in Fashion Management embodies a double meaning: Fashion as the main aim of a brand or a company that operates in the creative area of fashion is to work on design and process, on method and on the product that it wants to communicate and distribute in the market; Management because the final aim of this study path is to shape innovative managers able to understand and improve the processes and the complexity of companies that deal with the product and its communication, conceptual, economic and sustainable strategies that lead the DNA of a brand.

The Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Editor: Styling & Communication has been developed to respond to the growing demand of the industry for professionals able to work in the areas of product and brand storytelling in terms of editing, styling & communication.

The Bachelor of Arts in Cinema and Filmmaking: Media Design & Multimedia Arts was born from a partnership between Accademia Costume & Moda and the research and training company Ars Academy Research. The project intends to fill the need for effective training and quality in filmmaking, TV production, multimedia communication, animation and visual arts.


The Academic Master in Alta Moda, Fashion Design is addressed to graduates who wish to complete or to enhance their cultural and professional experience in Alta Moda, a unique and exclusive field within Fashion Design. Traditionally, Alta Moda or Haute Couture is the creation of unique tailor-made garments made mainly by hand using high quality fabrics, decorations, applications and embroideries with extreme attention to details.

The Academic Master in Fabrics Innovation Design, in collaboration with some of the best manufacturing companies in Made in Italy,  is addressed to graduates who wish to enhance their curriculum with a professionalizing study path based on culture, creativity, research and most importantly innovation for fabric development (textile design), one of the most challenging and rapidly evolving fields within the entire Fashion Industry.

Developed in collaboration with Modateca Deanna and numerous companies of the Italian manufacturing district, the Academic Master in Creative Knitwear Design is addressed to graduates and professionals who wish to complete and enhance their cultural and professional experience in knitwear, from design to implementation in a niche sector of excellence of Made in Italy.

The Academic Master in Accessories Design is addressed to graduates who wish to complete or to enhance their cultural and professional experience in Accessories Design. The Master provides students with the conceptual knowledge needed to understand new languages and analyze the current socio-economic developments within the Fashion system positioning them correctly within the leather goods, footwear and accessories market.

The Academic Master in The Art & Craft of the Costume Designer intends to deepen the cultural and professional education in the field of Costume, from design to its realization. The role of the Costume Designer is essential in Opera, as well as in Prose, in Cinema or Series (TV production). Moreover, the Costume Designer is an artist who knows well history, tradition, anthropological roots, psychological interpretations, emotional strategies and who though its creations is able to identify and reproduce the era and of the context in which the story takes place as well as the characters’ personality.

The Master in Fashion Communication & Art Direction is aimed at graduates and / or professionals wishing to undertake a course that offers an opportunity to explore cultural insight and practical experience within this sector.

The Master in Fashion Sustainability & Industry Evolution integrates cultural and design disciplines, examining the entire production cycle (Design, Production, Sales and Distribution, Defection, Return Goods – Shipping, Storage), the business models, legal areas, communication and scientific study areas that are in continuous evolution.

The Master in Creative Direction for the Performing Arts is aimed at graduates and / or professionals wishing to experience a professional curriculum based on the development of the creative potential of an artist, a festival, a record label. This also includes strategic management skills of a cultural production center, innovative and creative development of the performing entertainment sector in its broadest sense.


The Master of Arts in Accessories & Jewellery Design is aimed at graduates, professionals who intend to complete or deepen their cultural and professional background in the fashion sector in relation to Accessories and Jewellery Design. The course provides students with the conceptual knowledge and tools necessary to understand the new languages and analyze the new socioeconomic trends of the Fashion System, positioning them correctly on the leather goods, footwear, accessories and jewellery market.

The Master of Arts in Costume & Alta Moda – Couture Design is aimed at graduates, professionals who intend to complete or deepen their cultural and professional preparation in the fashion sector with respect to Costume and Alta Moda or Couture Design. The innovative combination of these two approaches to the project, which are contiguous and consequential, aims to shape professionals who can choose whether to dedicate themselves to a single area or both, or to use the skills acquired to express them fully in the sector.

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