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Project Leader: Santo Costanzo con Roberto Carlologgi and Alessia Scasseddu
Third Year of the Bachelor of Arts in Costume & Fashion a.y. 2021/2022

Special Project in collaboration with ANDREA INCONTRI, Creative Director e Andrea Grassi, Designer.

The possibility of self-evalouating one’s work with a professional of the caliber of Andrea Incontri represented an important growth opportunity for our students.

The brand’s philosophy is summarized by the manifesto published on its website:

“The symbol of his new brand is the letter I – designed in the form of a building, an industrial construction, a sustainable house, a creative hub, a co-housing where the shared task is to exchange ideas.

I stands for independent, I for instinctive, I for incredibly real, I for industrial, I for imaginative, I for individual, I for interconnected. Andrea Incontri puts much attention on the choice of prime materials and their relation with the environment. Including the non-usage of animal skin, leather. The photographic manifesto of Andrea Incontri was curated by Giampaolo Sgura.”



The students were asked to develop a men’s capsule collection intended as a new contemporary style both in terms of the functions of use and an increasingly hybrid style. A look where technical clothing, sportswear and the contemporary style are analysed in search for a unique and innovative look that combines new technologies with technical and precious materials.

The project presented a complexity, with an abundance of tools, which the designer had to be able to manage and use in the best possible way. An in-depth exploration of the new codes of menswear through the research of materials, processes, constructions, and volumes. The object of this project was to learn how to manage information, making it your own, translate it into a creative and personal design process and into the ability to create new solutions and visions.

The students presented their projects to Andrea Incontri, Creative Director and Andrea Grassi, Designer.

Congratulations guys!

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