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Francesca Bellettini, Saint Laurent President and Ceo, has met our Students

On May 4th we had the honor to welcome at our Campus in Rome Francesca Bellettini, President & Ceo Saint Laurent, that shared her experience to our community.

 It was such an insightful and inspirational exchange, moderated by our Chairman A. Lupo Lanzara together with his brother Furio Francini. Many the aspects of her impactful story that the students had the chance to listen to, followed by an extended Q&A session or better an authentic chat between her and our Community. Starting from her education Università Bocconi to Investment Banking at Goldman Sachs then at Morgan Grenfell, joining Prada, followed by Helmut Lang, Bottega Veneta, Gucci and finally landing at Yves Saint Laurent as President & CEO, with outstanding results and ambitious objectives; the main pillars of the discussion were around Heritage & Values, Talent & Creativity, Branding & Positioning, Sustainability and R&D, Strategy & Execution. We are infinitely grateful.

Together with Francesca, Paul Guyot-Sionnest, External Affairs Director & Chief of Staff to the President & CEO; Sven Goedecken , RTW Operations Director; Bosio Duccio, Director of Savoir faire; Cayetano Fabry, EMEA President; Annalisa Paviotti, General Manager Southern Europe, who experienced our premises at the fullest, from the Fiamma Lanzara Library to our Laboratories, our Textile & Fabrics Archive and our terraces, comprehending the approach behind the Vision of our Founder, Rosana Pistolese and what Accademia is today thanks to our Industry partners.

 “Education is about impact, impact is driven by human beings. Education is then about nurturing human beings also thanks to such outstanding moments that warm and inspire. Life is a journey and nothing becomes impossible if one truly works for it. Hence belief becomes key, also moving forward through the hardest times, with the courage to embrace that extra step” as said by our Chairman Andrea Lupo Lanzara.

 A heartfelt thank you to you Francesca and all the Saint Laurent Team for the time lived with our student community and to our CEO Furio Francini and to Paul Guyot-Sionnest to make this happen.

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