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Bachelor of Arts

Fashion Editor, Styling & Communication

  • Intake


  • Duration

    3 years

  • Credits

    180 ECTS

  • Language


  • Location

    Rome | Milan

Overview & Objectives

The Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Editor, Styling & Communication has been developed to respond to the growing demand of the industry for professionals able to work in the areas of product and brand narratives in terms of Editing, Styling & Communication.

The objectives are aimed at ensuring an adequate preparation related to the methods and artistic techniques along with specific professional competences for the purpose of conveying knowledge, expressive and design method in the use of creative tools in the communication process, with specific reference to Editing, Photography, Graphics, Design, Advertising and Journalism in the fashion area.

Upon completion of the Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Editor, Styling & Communication students will be able to pursue a career as Fashion Editors, Fashion Stylists, Image Coordinators, Event Managers, Communication Managers, Digital Communication Managers, Social Media Managers.

  • Fashion Editor
  • Fashion Stylist
  • Image Coordinator
  • Event Manager
  • Communication Manager
  • Digital Communication Manager
  • Social Media Manager

The Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Editor, Styling & Communication is addressed to students with a minimum B2 level of knowledge of Italian language and holding a secondary school diploma or other equivalent study title obtained after at least 12 years of education and allowing access to first-cycle academic courses in the international education system of reference.

In order to maintain the high quality of the learning experience, the Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Editor, Styling & Communication observes a limited-enrolment policy. Applicants are required to pass an admission test and an interview aimed at evaluating the interest and aptitude towards the subject areas of the course of choice.


The 1st Academic Year is characterized by subjects such as Fashion Styling, Fashion Editing, Press Office and Communication, Fashion Photography, Sociology, Semiotics, History of Arts and Fashion. Also essential is the session dedicated to photo shootings which allow students to acquire editorial and styling skills and to experience teamwork, so as to be able to recognize the guidelines to conduct an image analysis and its construction.


The 2nd Academic Year deals with an in-depth study of the most commercial aspect of the Fashion System through an analysis of the collections, of Fashion Photography and of products narrated through the photographic technique of the still life and of styling. Furthermore, in order to provide students with the ability to analyse the most appropriate communication strategy for customers and development process and, where needed, of a new creative identity. The course includes subjects such as Digital Communication and reputation building strategies, Marketing, Unconventional Communication, Brand Identity.


The 3rd Academic Year is aimed at the development of a personal creative identity established through professional skills and experience conveyed through Industry Projects with leading companies in the communication and product field. Video, Fashion Television Journalism and Fashion Film are also discussed as some of the fundamental tools of storytelling for the perception of a brand and product placement.
Students have the possibility to experiment with the theme of the final project by choosing an area or more areas of reference among Editing, PR and Communication, analysis of Brand Communication, Fashion Styling. The aim is to develop both a creative and professional approach to the project, taking into account the relationship between one’s own personal vision, the interpretation of the message to be conveyed and budget in the drafting of a final project for a brand, an editorial or a communication project.

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Courses Projects

Fashion Editor, Styling & Communication Alumni

Fashion Editor, Styling & Communication Alumni

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