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On Friday, March 22nd, ACM Costume Talents 2024 made its debut at the Teatro Sala Umberto in Rome with an extraordinary production of the comedic melodrama “Elisir D’Amore,” directed and adapted by Francesco Bonomo. An event that represented the culmination of months of intense preparation and creativity.

Under the guidance of Andrea Viotti, Director of the Costume Department at Accademia Costume & Moda, eight 3yr BA in Costume & Fashion students – Asia Gera, Barbara Neri, Charlotte Ramires, Elena Gramaccioni, Giulia Rovetto, Lisa Zignone, Marion Pantouvaki, Ons Maalal – brought the costumes and set design of the opera to life. Their interpretation managed to revisit the opera in a surprising way, blending punk aesthetics with modern ones.

The creative process was a true journey, characterized by months of research and hard work within the ACM’s costume studios. The students embraced the entire production spectrum, dedicating themselves heart and soul to creating the stage costumes. From fabric selection to the sewing phase, every detail was crafted with passion and precision.

On stage, the actors from the Brancaccio Musical Academy breathed life into Francesco Bonomo’s vision. Letizia Romana Morgantini, Gabriele Blasi, Marco Antonio Crispo, Giorgio Galipò, Elena Parisi, Irene Scutellà, Alice Manzione brought their characters to life, delivering vibrant and engaging performances to the audience.

A heartfelt thank you goes to Francesco Bonomo, whose talent and vision made this unforgettable theatrical experience possible. Special thanks also go to the ACM Costume team and the Brancaccio Musical Academy for their commitment and dedication.

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