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A unique opportunity has come to life for our BA in Costume and Fashion students. In collaboration with TheCube Archive, an exclusive fashion archivededicated to menswear, our young students have embarked on a new Industry Project in search of inspiration and innovation in menswear.

TheCube Archive, founded by Stefano Chiassai, is a special place for fashion exploration, offering not only a rich archive of iconic pieces but also a space for creative research and exploration. The aim of this project is ambitious: to revisit the men’s shirt, an essential pillar of menswear, with a personal and contemporary touch.

After a detailed presentation of the brief, our students had the opportunity to visit TheCube Archive’s headquarters. Here, immersed in an atmosphere steeped in history and style, they had the chance to explore the extensive repertoire of garments and draw inspiration from the trends.

The visit proved to be a unique and transformative experience for our students. Guided by the vision of Corinna Chiassai, Co-founder and Artistic Director of TheCube Archive, and Marius Hordijk, Co-founder, they were able to share their initial ideas and present the mood boards embodying their creativity and vision.

Now, as our students dive into the creative process, we can only eagerly await the final results of this fascinating project.

We would like to express our deep gratitude to the entire team at TheCube Archive for making this extraordinary collaboration possible. If you’re curious to follow the evolution of this project, all you have to do is stay tuned!

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