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Maurizio Galante donates his collection of magazines

A new donation enters our Fiamma Lanzara Library, by Maurizio Galante, Alumnus, Couturier and Creative Director of the homonymous Haute Couture Maison.


The donation, for the benefit of future design and fashion talents, contains 315 Italian, French, German and Austrian issues of important fashion magazines from 1910 until 1980.

Beyer’s Mode; Burda Moden; The woman, the house, the child; La mode pratique; Rakam; Eva; Hands of gold: these are some of the titles that enrich the important newspaper library housed in the Fiamma Lanzara Library, the largest fashion cultural documentation center in Lazio.

Thanks to this important donation, the Fiamma Lanzara Library enriches the current cultural heritage already composed of: 4500 monographic volumes, including the editions of the largest international fashion houses donated to the Academy, autographed by their Creative Directors, insights on costume, theater, cinema and performing arts, history volumes, communication and marketing manuals; and 12000 magazine issues, from the 1st issue of the American edition of Harper’s Bazaar to which the Italian edition follows, passing through the complete collection of “Beauty: a monthly of haute couture and Italian life”, up to the prestigious collections of fashion magazines by Irene Brin, the first Italian Fashion Editor.

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