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TITOLO: BACK TO THE ORIGINS. Diesel strategic communication from heritage to future.
Project Leader: Francesco Verdinelli and Fabio Corsini

Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Editor, Styling & Communication a.a. 2022/2023

Special Project in Collaboration with DIESEL, Serena Pederiva, Marketing Director Europe; Giulia Solina, GTM Marketing Specialist Italy & Iberia

Students of our third year of the BA in Fashion Editor, Styling & Communication received an exciting new brief from the DIESEL team, including: Serena Pederiva, Marketing Director Europe; Giulia Solina, GTM Marketing Specialist Italy & Iberia.

The company was founded by Renzo Rosso in 1978 with the intention of creating the most innovative denim in the world. During a world-class oil crisis, during which the alternative was supplied by diesel fuel, Renzo Rosso liked the idea of ​​making his denim brand known as the alternative to the traditional giants of casual fashion. Since its foundation, Diesel has been protagonist of an astonishing growth and as a pioneering company leader in the denim sector it is evolved to establish itself in the world of quality casual clothing, becoming a real alternative to traditional luxury brands. Despite its growth, Diesel’s philosophy has remained unchanged over time: a brand synonymous with passion, individuality, and self-expression personality.

Industry Brief

The project aims to highlight the students’ ability to develop a campaign multichannel marketing and communication consistent with the core values ​​of the brand. The students will need to demonstrate an analytical understanding of brand identity, image and equity, and be ready to develop and market a communication campaign in the spirit of original unconventional communication campaigns that are a Diesel trademark. The project will also rely heavily on adopting the customer’s point of view to conceive and carry out a multi-channel marketing campaign built on the brand’s objectives aimed at transform content into an experience by activating every possible touchpoint with the consumer.

The project will therefore consist of two main parts:

– Brand analysis and analysis of past unconventional communication campaigns for which students will be asked to identify key success factors, key research.

– Develop an unconventional marketing and communication campaign capable of involve and integrate both digital communication channels and retail spaces.

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