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A new landmark: Milano

Identity, uniqueness and sustainability : are the key words that summarize the new Accademia Costume & Moda campus, dedicated to communication and management, in Milan in via Fogazzaro 23, a few steps from the headquarters and creative studios of some of the most important fashion houses of Italian fashion, in the heart of the city.
Genius Loci

Identity, uniqueness of experience remain the keywords that characterize the individual activities of Accademia: from Rome, city of culture and beauty, cinema, costume and the new inspiration of Milan, a hub of future vision and innovation.

A space of 1200sqm, designed according to fulfill the needs of students, support staff and lecturers, with 800sqm of communal areas and rooftops in which to share ideas, inspire and discuss creativity ideas with each other.

An industrial looking location, with flexible spaces that will host 8 studios, 2 Styling Labs, areas dedicated to video installations and display cases, as well as the possibility of consulting online with the “Fiamma Lanzara” Library, in Rome.


The project developed by Studio Kami Architects, designed to minimize the environmental impact in the construction through the selection of materials, with the installation of 25kw of photovoltaic panels, maintaining an energy efficiency that respect the principles of sustainability.

The structure will open with a variety of courses – Undergraduate, Master and Specialization Courses for the A.Y. 2020/2021

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