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ACM Talents 2022 – Fashion Communication

As every year, the Accademia Talents returns for students of the Undergraduate Course in Fashion Editor, Styling and Communication, an event that offers the opportunity to create and present new and innovative projects of free inspiration, in front of a jury of industry experts, press and buyers.

The Accademia Talents represents the synthesis of the Bachelor Degree, which aims to bring out the level of professionalism achieved by each of the students involved.

The finalists for the 2022 edition are: Marianna Caliandro; Noemi Manago and Clementina Vando.

The Commission, which selected the students, sees: Antonio Mancinelli, Fashion Critic and Journalist; Riccardo Vannetti, Marketing and Communication Consultant; Francesco Francavilla, Global Head of Marketing & Communication Antonioli; Barbara Modesti, Chief Editor Fashion Rai 1.

Throughout the development of the projects, students will have the opportunity to be followed by an exceptional mentor: Antonio Mancinelli.

The works presented stood out for their ability to break out of the mold and from any convention, addressing issues relating not only to the fashion sector, but also to social relevance.

These ideas have been transformed into the proposal of new independent newspapers, Digital Strategies and mobile apps.

In the coming months, the guys will work hard to carry out their projects and we can’t wait to see the final result! #StayTuned

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