Accademia Costume & Moda makes its debut in Milan with the opening in June 2020 of a new Campus in Via Fogazzaro 23, in the city centre, just steps from Piazza Cinque Giornate and Corso di Porta Vittoria.

A venue and educational establishment dedicated to Communication and Design Management for Fashion and Entertainment, which will start with the A.Y. 2020/21.

Two Undergraduate courses, one in Fashion Design Management and the other in Fashion Editor, Styling & Communication, as well as a 1-year Masters and various Full- and Part-Time Vocational Courses.

Milan is the most suitable city to be able to share these contents with the necessary modernity and with the opportunities that the city can give to the students who decide to live this learning “experience” developed over more than 50 years, and which has brought the employment rate of the Accademia’s students to over 87% for Bachelor’s degrees and 93% for Masters, both in Italy and worldwide.

The choice of Sara Azzone as Director for Accademia Costume & Moda Milan, is a natural consequence of the will to identify a professional with obvious experience in education, but also with the right amount of empathy to be able to bring together all internal and external stakeholders with the sole objective of facilitating first and foremost the personal growth, and then the professional growth of the students. An individual approach “within the group” to support the future students on their journey towards awareness both of themselves and of the world around them, “costume and fashion“. Sara Azzone will report directly to the Director of Education, Barbara Trebitsch for programming, Adrien Roberts for internationalization activities, and to the CEO Furio Francini for management.

Over the years, Accademia Costume & Moda has been facilitated in the achievement of its results thanks to the growing collaboration with the most important production companies and fashion houses (more than 80), both by means of Industry Projects as well as through real collaborations, creating a virtuous circle of creative regeneration between students and companies.

A path spanning ten years, which has led to the Accademia receiving four Badges of Excellence (Global Influence, Learning Experience, Long Term Value, Alumni Network) from The Business of Fashion in their report “The Best Fashion School in the World 2019”. In addition, Accademia Costume & Moda has been included in the “THE TOP 25 FASHIONSCHOOLS IN THE WORLD: 2019”.

An industrial space converted using eco-sustainable materials reflecting the original architecture of the building; a venue measuring 1200sqm with 420smq of common areas, 350sqm of classrooms, a 100m2 auditorium, 280sqm Styling Labs, flexible internal spaces, areas dedicated to video exhibitions and displays, 25kw of photovoltaic panels and 450smq of outside space. The development was realized by Studio Kami Architects.

Quote A. Lupo Lanzara, Vice President ACM:

My brother Furio Francini and I, always say that we are the “custodians” of the Accademia Costume & Moda. We are custodians for the time in which we manage it and will continue to manage it in the future, as was our mother Fiamma Lanzara and our grandmother before her, Rosana Pistolese, the Founder of the Academy. Her Vision, the relationship between Costume and Fashion, and awareness and research in terms of knowledge and culture, form the basis of an approach that we want to preserve and share in the areas of communication and management in Milan, never neglecting our true “spirit” , never standardizing the experience of our students, always looking for a different means of describing and transferring our “identity” … from Rome to Milan, with Milan. Rome is our history, our origin, our identity; with Milan an opportunity where we can build a “system”. I am infinitely grateful to everyone for the incredible effort and for the work that we are accomplishing together, from my brother Furio, our CEO, to the whole team as well as to all our partners: Accademia is a “family”.

Quote Barbara Trebitsch, Department of Education, Academic Programmes ACM:

Accademia Costume & Moda is Rome because its DNA has developed over the years in that context, but it is also global because its approach to teaching and the professional world is in line with internationally recognized criteria of excellence. Milan is the natural location to remain on this path with continuity to complete our training curriculum. I am happy and honoured by this choice and to able to collaborate with professionals whom I profoundly admire.

Quote Adrien Roberts, Department of Education, Internationalization ACM:

Actively developing the internationalization for Accademia Costume & Moda in Rome and our international outreach courses has been supported by the philosophy of our founder Rosana Pistolese. In Rome we have always respected the location, it’s history and culture, often referred to as “Genius Loci”. This new opportunity in Milan taking a new creative approach to the wider spectrum of fashion related courses that Milan, as a world centre of these specialized areas, will offer the genius loci experience to international students. “Made in Italy”, the ongoing success story, is a very relevant case study for all cultures developing their own supply chain and fashion and accessories industries.

Quote Sara Azzone, Campus Director ACM, Milan:

18 years of complete dedication – my life project is training. New challenges are never easy, but as I have always said to my students, you should never stop growing, never stop reinventing yourself. I am honoured to join the Accademia Costume & Moda family of which I am a strong supporter of their didactic approach and learning experience. I thank Lupo and Furio for the trust they have placed in me with this important responsibility. Milan is my city; it’s the city that I love and a city that has given me a great deal. Being given the opportunity of this Project in Milan, which respects the values of the Academy and its identity, is very exciting. I am very eager to start working with the whole team and of course with Barbara and Adrien whom I have known for many years, to create a teaching experience that can support the next generation of students.