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On February 13, 2024 we celebrated the first ACM COMMUNICATION TALENTS 2024 event at our Milan Campus in Via Antonio Fogazzaro, 23.

The event represented a unique opportunity, during which 9 students of the BA in Fashion Communication: Fashion Editor, Styling & Communication, talked about their projects. The young people, selected in September by a commission of industry experts, had the opportunity to personally develop and take care of the editorial and digital strategy of their works, followed by Marco Meloni, Academic Coordinator of the BA courses; Antonio Mancinelli, Journalist; and Gloria Bertuzzi, Art Director & Freelance Stylist.

The winner of this edition is Bianca Costantino Muniz, with her project The Sound of Luxury

The jury, made up of industry professionals, had the task of evaluating the projects according to the criteria of innovation, research, implementation and presentation: Francesca Ragazzi (President of the Jury), Head of Editorial Content Vogue Italia; Gian Luca Bauzano, Journalist RCS Media Group; Justine Bellavita, Caporedattrice web iOdonna e Amica; Gloria Maria Cappelletti, Editor in Chief & Creative Director at RED-EYE; Constanza Cavalli Etro, Fashion Film Festival Milano Founder & Director; Nick Cerioni, Creative Director and Celebrity Stylist / Founder Sugarkane Studio; Vivia Ferragamo; Francesco Francavilla, Global Head of Communications Aeffe – Alberta Ferretti Pollini; Francesco Franchi, Caporedattore at La Repubblica; Piero Gemelli, Independent Photography Professional; Sebastiano Leddi, Editor in Chief – Founder Perimetro; Michele Lupi, Responsabile eventi speciali, Fay Archive; Sara Sozzani Maino; Creative Director Fondazione Sozzani, International Brand Ambassador CNMI, Goodwill Ambassador Fashion for Development, Creative Advisor Conde Nast Italia; Giuliana Matarrese, Editorial Contributor; Sara Moschini, Head of Fashion; Marco Muggiano, Chief Marketing Officer Slowear; Helen Nonini, Founder & CEO at Schwa; Federico Rocca, Caposervizio; Silvia Schirinzi, Fashion Director Rivista Studio, Stefania Siani, Presidente ADCI – Art Directors Club Italiano, CEO and Chief Creative Officer at Serviceplan Italy; Paolo Stella; Creative director, director, web strategist.

The finalists was:


Social Roots is an application that aims to connect more creative people who wish to express themselves, creating a diversified space compared to the social networks that are present in the Store at the moment. The project comes to life from HNK STUDIOS, a streetwear brand inspired by nature. HNK derives from HINOKI, a Japanese bonsai which, depending on how it is cared for, can remain a bonsai or grow to become a cypress.


Roller Corer is an observatory on the fashion industry and contemporary society. It captures and reports emerging social and cultural phenomena relating to brands, goods and products, trends, strategies and personalities, tracing their vitality, positioning and trends.


Fashion Sounds Archive is an archive created to collect the sounds of materials, processes and products. In this phase of development the intention is to collect fashion sounds that in their raw state are recognizable and valuable. In addition to the cataloging of noises, there is a section dedicated to in-depth interviews on sound and its applications. The objective is to try to answer a series of stimuli and questions that arose during the research phase such as: can sound in a fashion exhibition restore vitality to an immobile dress on a mannequin? Can the sound of an object enrich its value?


Through Irene Brin is the projection of a strong and needy feeling of gratitude for a workaholic figure like that of Irene, capable of telling the history of a country through the analysis of customs using journalistic writing as a democratic media.


Affondi is an annual editorial fanclub that aims to explore music through the visual arts. The project aspires to create visual storytelling that allows interaction between sound and visual languages. Furthermore, it aims to amplify the voices of emerging artists – in order to enhance their work – and to provide cultural and sociological contextualizations regarding the topic covered in each issue.


The Cage. A metaphorical cage with a double soul: one digital, the other physical, whose sole purpose is its opening. It becomes a place to connect and constantly spark new debates. Here each topic addressed within the paper production will be enriched by further links and proposals, which users will not only be able to access, but participate in.


SUBURBIA is an editorial reality whose focal point is the creative investigation of suburban environments. From abandoned countryside to clusters of terraced houses, the project aims to produce content of a different nature that contributes to a complete narrative of provincial and peripheral places compared to the metropolis. This editorial reality is also enriched by a series of gadgets designed to accompany the user in their daily life and in some way establish an individual connection with the world of SUBURBIA.


The Silent Body – The importance of knowing how to slow down, to deepen human connections and to appreciate the richness of emotions which are a reminder of a more authentic and profound dimension of our existence.

The involvement of representatives of the fashion sector confirms our commitment to sharing concrete opportunities for exchange and growth with our community.

An infinite thank you to all the members of the jury for dedicating time to our students, listening and evaluating their work. congratulations to all 9 finalists!

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