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The new Scientific Committee of the Communication Area

Sara Sozzani Maino, Antonio Mancinelli, Paolo Ferrarini together with Barbara Trebitsch, Adrien Roberts and Sara Azzone

in the new Scientific Committee of the Communication Area

Accademia Costume & Moda (ACM) announces the creation of a Scientific Committee dedicated to the Communication Area (both for three-year BA courses and Master’s degrees) that will work in cooperation with the academic management of the Academy with the aim to develop new and contemporary contents to train the many figures that a market in constant and rapid evolution requires.

The Scientific Committee is composed of Sara Sozzani Maino (Deputy Editor in Chief Special Projects Vogue Italia and Director Vogue Talents), Antonio Mancinelli (journalist, writer, professor and curator), Paolo Ferrarini (professor, curator and journalist), Barbara Trebitsch (ACM Director of Education), Adrien Roberts (ACM International Director of Education) and Sara Azzone (ACM Director of the Milan office).

The first action put in place by the new Scientific Committee is the launch of the three-year BA course in Fashion Communication: Fashion Editor, Styling & Communication (FESC) also at the Milan campus (via Fogazzaro, 23), in conjunction with the new academic year 2021/22, with the aim of training professionals who are prepared to work in the areas of product and brand narratives, whether they are understood as publishing, styling or communication in a more general sense.

The course, which in recent years has initiated in Rome excellent projects collaborations with major companies (Industry Projects), including Woolrich, Vans and Brioni, foresees a Talents dedicated to communication at the conclusion of the academic cycle.

This year, Federica Carta and Sara Mencarini have been selected. The two students, supervised by Antonio Mancinelli with the support of Marco Meloni, worked on the creation of a magazine.

Lupo Lanzara and Furio Francini, respectively President and CEO of Accademia Costume & Moda: “The creation of the new Scientific Committee in the Communication Area is just one of the many pieces for the construction – by ACM – of a solid training in line with market demands by the Fashion System. The personal and professional growth of our students remains one of our founding values and, for this reason, we are honoured to welcome Sara Sozzani Maino, Antonio Mancinelli and Paolo Ferrarini to our big family!”

Sara Sozzani Maino, Educational & Scouting Advisor Vogue Italia: “Training is the pillar to think of a better world. The new generation is our future and we must invest in it. Accademia Costume & Moda is an example of what it means to build a future passing from one generation to another, thinking ahead and bringing experience to the present. Building means sharing, engaging and listening, and that is the purpose of the Committee.”

 Antonio Mancinelli, journalist, writer, professor and editor: “The 2000s saw the fragmentation of traditional fashion communication – specialized magazines, television, newspapers – which has not gone away, but has been joined by the multi-channel mode offered by technology. Each medium, however, has its own specific language, and it is necessary to know them well in order to make information triumph as a motive for reliable news, collective desires and major social issues which can make the culture of appearing converse with that of being. The Academy’s Scientific Committee on Communication will, therefore, have the task and the duty of investigating and spreading its aspects, so as to provide students with a series of tools that will lead to the emergence of their own universe of ideas, news and suggestions, where others can live and recognize themselves, deepen and broaden their horizons. In order not to stop at the surface of reality, but to immerse oneself in things and, at the same time, amplify the socio-cultural messages that run through these restless and interesting times”.

Paolo Ferrarini, lecturer at ACM and University of Bologna, curator, journalist: “By its nature, Accademia Costume & Moda is an ideal place to propose new scenarios, stimulate new visions and suggest new topics, which are crucial to understand and design the communication of the future. I will carry on this activity together with teaching in the Rome and Milan campuses, with an attentive ear to the motivation that ACM students give us every day, pushing us to do better and better. It will be a pleasure to be accompanied on this path by Antonio Mancinelli and Sara Sozzani Maino, two people I respect and admire on a personal and professional level.”

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