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Academic Master

Fabrics Innovation Design

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  • Duration

    1 year (Full-time)

  • Credits

    60 ECTS

  • Language

    Italian | English

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The Academic Master in Fabrics Innovation Design, is aimed at graduates and or professionals wishing to acquire a professional education focused on the close relationship between culture, creativity and innovation, aimed at research and development of the fabric, one of the most demanding fields. Creative exploration in the field of textiles and materials for fashion productions requires an articulated mix of knowledge and skills accompanied by a deep cultural background, both in the specific field and in fashion and the arts in general.

This Master puts the theme of innovation at the center of the entire process with particular attention to sustainability. The theoretical training is accompanied, significantly, by the participants’ experience in the field through the personal development of projects in collaboration with prestigious brands and companies of the supply chain. Each student will thus be able to know, understand and apply all the craft and industrial processes related to the product.

The course, aimed at acquiring technical as well as cultural and design skills, is intended as a laboratory in which to be able to express one’s own creative sensitivity in accordance with productive and entrepreneurial realities. The theoretical-practical intensive course of study, able to combine design project and technical development (with particular reference to sustainability issues), provides an artistic-cultural preparation aimed at acquiring the right organizational, planning and operational skills, essential for a figure able to effectively communicate with the productive studios, to know the state of the art, the potentials offered and the possibilities of implementation of the creative project. The objective of the Master is the training of designers in the textile and material fields, (design, printing and manipulations), and of the professional figure that is of fundamental support to the creative direction in the design of the collections. The Master has a total duration of one year for a total of 1500 hours, divided into frontal lectures and studio lessons, individual study, complementary activities and training activities.

Upon completion of the Academic Master in Fabrics Innovation Design students will be able to pursue a career as Fabrics Designers in textile and materials (design, printing and manipulations) or to cover professional roles in support of the creative direction in the design of a collection.

Industry Projects
  • Textile/materials Designer
  • Company Creative Consultant
  • Textile Product Manager
  • Innovation Textile Designer
  • Embroidery Designer

The Academic Master in Fabrics Innovation Design is addressed to graduates holding a Bachelor Degree or other equivalent study title recognized according to the current regulations related to the course and who would like to begin a study path and a career in Textile and Fabrics Design.

To be eligible for the course, students must have:

  • Bachelor Degree or Bachelor of Arts related to the course of study of the Master
  • Bachelor Degree or Bachelor of Arts different from  the above mentioned and not related to the study path of the Master, upon evaluation of the Academic Directorship on the eligibility of the application
  • Professionals with proven experience in the field and students holding a specialization or non-academic study titles related to the study path, upon evaluation of the Academic Directorship on the eligibility of the application

In order to maintain the high quality of the learning experience, the Academic Master in Fabrics Innovation Design responds to a limited enrolment policy. To be admitted in the course, applicants are required to submit their resume, motivational letter and portfolio for evaluation and to pass an admission interview with the Academic Directorship.

The education path is divided into modules, through theoretical lessons and lectures, seminars with experts and professionals in the sector, research and design laboratories, visits to events and specialist fairs, exercises, training internship, final test (Final Work).

The theoretical- practical course is divided into synergic didactic paths: the types of materials, the history of the fabric in fashion, new technologies, computer graphics, fabric design and the development of professional skills through understanding the system in which to operate. Workshop activities/ Industry projects provide the involvement of the most important companies in the field with the aim of combining technical skills, conceptual research, experimentation and the development of the final product.

Visits to textile/fashion museums/ archives and to trade fairs are also an essential part of the course. The professionals involved in projects and masterclasses and the study of specific case histories contribute to stimulate critical thinking, the debate on the current state of the industry and its future challenges. At the end of this articulated journey the student, in addition to creative growth, will acquire cultural and technical knowledge such as: natural, artificial and synthetic fibers, yarns, fabrics and their finishes, embroidery, processes such as dyeing, screen printing, digital printing, thermoforming, thermo-welding, high-frequency fusion, ultrasound, for a complete development of creative and methodological-design skills, formal elements, creative processes, recurring themes and changes in taste over the centuries.

Every Academic Master Programme involves Industry Projects in order to make the study experience concrete. To learn more about the projects made in the Academic Master in Fabrics Innovation Design fill the form to request more information.

The research internship is carried out by the students as a part of the curriculum and carries academic credits and can be undertaken with companies located throughout the national territory.

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Fabrics Innovation Design Alumni

Fabrics Innovation Design Alumni

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