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Lanificio di Sordevolo Industry Project

On Saturday 31th October the Industry Project ended in collaboration with Lanificio di Sordevolo, which involved the MA Fabrics Innovation Design students.

Following and evaluating the works of the class Damiano Perino (Owner of Lanificio Di Sordevolo) and Flaminia Perino, Alessia Pellarini (Design Director WRTW, Couture & Fur Fendi) and Martina Corradi (MA Lecturer and Fabrics research woman RTW Manager Fendi).

This project had multiple objectives: to put the students in direct contact with a double client, that of the designer and that of the textile company so that they develop the ability to develop an analytical and conceptual research that considers memory as a broad area of ​​investigation to be integrate with an innovative vision aimed at developing a series of wool fabric proposals for outerwear.

The connection between tradition and future, between heritage and innovation, is central in tackling this project as well as many others inextricably linked to Made In Italy in a weaving of great tradition and quality such as the Lanificio di Sordevolo, the delicate balance between these elements is the key to producing conscious and future-oriented planning.

Lanificio di Sordevolo, founded by Commendatore Cesare Perino when in 1965 he took over the abandoned structures of the Lanifici Rivetti, has been operating for many years as an excellence in the wool sector, combining the search for particular and ultra-fine yarns, using wool alongside silk, viscose, with linen and cotton. The company operates in a complete cycle, from spinning, twisting, weaving, darning, dyeing, finishing.

In order to create a connection with the memory of a personal nature, Alessia Pellarini, Design Director RTW Fur and Couture Fendi, sends this suggestion:

“Imagine one day receiving a large package from your grandmother. The curiosity, the emotion … the fear that you might not like … Open the box, and the scent of your childhood is already released. A large object is covered with a white cloth (the kind that only grandmothers can find). Discover the object with vigor and find your grandmother’s old armchair covered with a fabric that is familiar to you and that takes you back to your childhood, the scent of biscuits, carefree laughter, games. But, the fabric is outdated, millions of light years away from your taste. You sit down, caress it and you know that you will have to find a way to make it contemporary without distorting its essence”.

We thank Lanificio Di Sordevolo, for having activated this important collaboration with our Master in Fabrics Innovation Desing, and Alessia Pellarini and Martina Corradi, who followed our students to achieve this great goal.

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