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Accademia Costume & Moda (ACM) and RATTI SPA announce the offer of 4 new scholarships for the Master in Fabrics Innovation Design starting in November this year in the Rome headquarters in Via della Rondinella 2.

ACM has always supported the most deserving students with 24 dedicated scholarships for three-year courses, 16 scholarships for partial-coverage Masters, in addition to 4 scholarships awarded by one of the most renowned textile companies in the Italian fashion system , RATTI SPA and 1 donated by Marco Mastroianni, Responsible Crèation Matières LVMH and Scientific Director of the Master in Fabrics Innovation Design, for the training of managerial figures and multifaceted professionals able to face the new challenges imposed by the market.

The Master in Fabrics Innovation Design addresses two specific areas: the first is fabric research and development, one of the most demanding fields in the sector, in which the creative exploration of textiles and materials for fashion production requires an articulated mix of knowledge and skills accompanied by a deep cultural background; the second is innovation, with particular attention to sustainability. The theoretical training is accompanied by the direct experience of the students through the development of projects in collaboration with prestigious brands and companies in the production chain.

Specifically, the Master in Fabrics Innovation Design will make use of the support of RATTI Spa and Marco Mastroianni.

They declare:

Sergio Tamborini, Chief Executive Officer of Ratti:

“Training, innovation and sustainability along the entire supply chain. They are the levers to continue to grow the textile industry. Thanks to young talents we will be able to innovate and also face the new challenges of fashion, eco-design and sustainability. The themes are deeply connected, but for all it is worth highlighting what the schools do, such as the Accademia Costume & Moda, which aims to be a nursery of talents, of which the industry, for its creative and productive part, has a great need”

Marco Mastroianni, Head of Crèation Matières LVMH:

“Knowledge and culture guide the talent that must be nourished with everything that exists: art, costume, photos, fashion, nature.

As a former student of the Accademia Costume & Moda, I know that culture is the pillar in the training of these young talents and the role it “plays” in their professional future.”

How to apply in the Ratti Scholarship Assignment

The deadline to participate in the scholarships Ratti Spa is May 15th 2023 (for Non European citizens) and  June 30 th 2023 (European citizens).

The best profiles that will apply in the Academic Master in Fabrics Innovation Design within the above mentioned dates will be able to be selected for the 4 scholarships offered by Ratti Spa.

The commission will evaluate the applications received according to their indisputed judgement.

How to apply in the Master:

The Portfolio is the thing that can help us understand your level of artistic, graphic and technical competence.

  1. It needs to be done in a single file pdf. If the file is too heavy please send it using Wetransfer. Don’t use Google Drive as we can’t open it
  2. Make sure the works you add in the portfolio focus on Fabrics Design
  3. It needs to have a narrative structure with many sketches and figure drawings, table of colors and of materials, sources used as to understand how you developed the project from the initial ideas to the final work
  4. Research, experimentation and creativity are the key words that your portfolio must reflect

Important elements to add:

  • Examples of Research, primary and secondary
  • Initial Sketches (compulsory)
  • Images of experimentation
  • Technical Drawings
  • Illustrations
  • Materials
  • Final Drawings
  • Evidence of making / prototyping (if any)
  • At least 3 different projects


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