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Project Leader: Daphne Karras, Freelance designer AZ Factory; Head Designer Menswear Knitwear
Master Fabrics Innovation Design a.y.2020/21

Industry Project in collaboration with LIMONTA

“Limonta’s story begins in 1893, and since then thousands of people have worked around the company’s looms, weaving their different ideas and projects. Today one can sum up this rich narrative in two concepts: innovation and creativity. Maintaining and pursuing this goal with constant passion, the company has diversified its product offer over the years, developing both the textile and chemical sectors. An important strategic decision taken in the 1950s then paved the way for the ennoblement of the textile range. In the second half of the Twentieth century, between the ’70s and the ’90s, this integration made it possible to invest in research and development dedicated to leather goods, accessories, clothing, footwear, and even the automotive sector.”


“Logomania” represents a method used by many Brands to narrate their identity, the etymology of the term comes from the Greek lògo- [from Gr. λόγος “word, speech” and is the first element of modernly composed or formed words, in which it generically means “word” or “articulation of the word, language, speech” and similar meanings. The narration through visualization thus becomes the center of this project conducted in collaboration with one of the most innovative companies in the textile world: Limonta, its history testifies to the high level of research and innovation dedicated to various areas of the sector.

Starting from the current and historical logos, students had to develop a Limonta monogram or work on the existing one, adapting it to the needs of the intended application in textiles and specifically for technical outerwear. The second part regarded the proposal of applications of the monogram with related technologies available in Limonta). The monogram had to be “timeless” (current, but also adaptable over the years) and usable both on a small scale and on a larger format. Crucial aspect of the project, the ability to mix and develop different technical ideas, using all the technologies available in Limonta.

Congratulations guys!

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