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RATTI S.p.A. Industry Project | MA Fabrics Innovation Design

A new Industry Project has come to an end, this time in collaboration with Ratti S.p.A, a textile company from Como, which involved the MA Fabrics Innovation Design students.

Following and evaluating the work of the class Mario Ratti (Director Ratti S.p.A.), Lorenza Mosca (Head of Creative Heritage Ratti S.p.A.), Valentina Monti (Product Manager Ratti S.p.A) and Daphne Karras (Project Leader of the course and Freelance Designer Brioni).

The main objective of the project was to change and renew the perception and perspective of the Toile De Jouy print.

The aim was to bring Toile De Jouy print closer to contemporaneity and the melting pot that mixes, for example, the fabric culture of the African wax technique with Western iconography. The students were not only asked for a change of style, but to discover a new side of their design identity.

With this Industry Project the students got involved, presenting a complex process that resides not only in images and techniques, but in research and personal experimentation.

Thanks to all the Ratti S.p.A. team for the collaboration and to Daphne Karras for the pricey support to our students.

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