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Industry Project PRESENT/FUTURES”
Project Leader: Giampiero Arcese
Master in Fabrics Innovation Design a.y. 2021/2022
Industry Project in collaboration with Lanificio di Sordevolo

Lanificio di Sordevolo a partner of the Master in Fabrics Innovation design, combines design research with the exceptional entrepreneurial ability and the passion of its founder, Cesare Perino. Being always attentive to production technological innovations leading the company the management, of the second generation with Patrizia and Damiano, place innovation as the foremost importance for the textiles market: products that has been transformed with the search for particular ultra-fine yarns, materializing with the use of wool alongside silk, viscose, linen, and cotton.

Industry Brief

“We insist that our concept view is the total antithesis of any static perspective. It is dynamic and chaotic in usage, producing a veritable mass of visual emotions in the mind of the observer.” C. Carrà, “Plastic planes as spherical expansion in space”.

The connection between tradition and the vision of the future, between heritage and innovation, is central to tackling this project as well as many others inextricably linked to Made in Italy in a weaving mill of great quality and tradition such as the Lanificio di Sordevolo, the important element is to produce well considered and original design.

This project encourages exploration of different design methods to a collection that interpreted the proposed theme.

Futurism in its countless facets is a great source of colour for developing prints and jacquards but also thought provoking for the present.

Students were asked to develop analytical and conceptual research that considered this artistic movement conceptually, not literally, providing a broad area of investigation and experimentation to be integrated with an innovative vision aimed at developing a series of fabric proposals. In detail a sketchbook, complete with iconographic research aimed at synthesizing and presenting the concept of the project, sketches, and elaborations on the material; the selection of materials (yarns) and color chart (real); at least 6 fabric proposals and related color variants; a document containing the analysis of the brief, the description of the design process (concept, research, materials and development) and the conclusions. A digital presentation illustrating the project process.


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