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Project Leader: Marco Mastroianni, Responsable Crèation Matières, LVMH
Master Fabrics Innovation Design a.a.2020/21

Industry Project in collaboration with CLERICI TESSUTO

For those who work in textiles, collaborating with a historic brand such as Clerici Tessuto represents a unique opportunity: “Clerici Tessuto is one of the most important textiles manufacturers in the world for the luxury sector, with ranges for men’s and women’s clothing, accessories, and home furnishing.

Founded in 1922 by Rachele Clerici and her husband Alessandro Tessuto as a company for trading in silk fabrics, the company is now in its fourth generation, with the present Alessandro Tessuto as its CEO and his daughter Sara as communication manager. The company now owns a complete small scale textiles production chain, which employs more than 300 employees, covering the entire finishing cycle of silk and other natural fibers. Over the years, Clerici Tessuto group has successfully combined traditional craftsmanship and the excellence of Como silk, currently represented by the classic collection, chiné fabrics and cut voided velvet, with research and innovation in the yarns and weaving, warping, and printing techniques, to respond to the requirements of an increasingly demanding market.

industry brief

Reflecting on one’s own research and ability to innovate by facing one of the leading companies in the field and with an apparently simple but profoundly complex topic that requires mature research and creative translation skills. Working on references belonging to specific eras is a typical trait of the sector. Doing it by going deep into exploration and using one’s personality and expertise to investigate and innovate to locate unique solutions that require the development of  profound culture and an important creative energy.


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