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Undergraduate Programme

Fashion Design Management

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Overview & Objectives

The Undergraduate Course in Fashion Design Management embodies a double theme: Design as the main aim of a brand or a company that operates in the creative area of fashion is to work on design and process, on method and on the product that wants to communicate and distribute to the market effectively; Management because the final aim of this study path is to shape innovative managers able to understand and improve the processes and the complexity of companies that deal with the product and its communication, conceptual, economic and sustainable strategies that lead the DNA of a brand.

The objectives are aimed at integrating, in an interdisciplinary approach, the acquisition of historical and cultural competences, technical subjects, theoretical-practical topics needed for the development of innovative professional profiles able to face the fashion sector and respond to present and future requirements. Responsible innovation, economic, financial and environmental sustainability are at the centre of the entire path.

Upon completion of the Undergraduate Course in Fashion Design Management students will be able to pursue a career as Product Managers, Supply Chain Managers, Brand Managers and to work in all the roles that deal with design studios and that are responsible for the brand strategies. Furthermore, students will be able to work inside marketing and merchandising offices, strategic communication, sales, showrooms and to cooperate with designers and creatives in the definition of new brands and products in the fashion area.

The course is not accredited by MIUR (Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research)

  • Product Manager
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Communication Manager
  • Merchandiser
  • Retail Manager

The Undergraduate Course in Fashion Design Management is addressed to students with a minimum B2 level of knowledge of Italian language and holding a secondary school diploma or other equivalent study title obtained after at least 12 years of education and allowing access to first-cycle academic courses in the international education system of reference.

In order to maintain the high quality of the learningexperience, the Undergraduate Course in Fashion Design Management observes a limited-enrolment policy. Applicants are required to pass an admission test and an interview aimed at evaluating the interest and aptitude towards the subject areas of the course of choice.


The 1st Academic Year creates the underpinning to understand the system and its history. Subjects such as History of Fashion, History of Art, Design Method, Computer Graphics, Design Methodology of Visual Communication, Fashion Design, Typology of Materials, Business Logics and Organization and Essentials of Cultural Marketing are aimed at providing students with the tools needed to correctly interpret the system in which they will be working in its numerous aspects. How to undertake research finalized to a project? How to recognize within art the essential engine of the creative industry? How to start building a method able to sustain creativity and business? How to recognize the key factors of success of a brand and the complexity of the industry?


During the 2nd Academic Year the design subject area becomes more complex and diversified. History of Design is introduced along with the History of Fashion and History of Arts in order to allow students to have a broader vision of the system, which is in continuous communication with the creative industry. The study of Technology of New Materials enhances the knowledge of green and sustainable materials and processes. The subject areas of Design Methodology in Visual Communication, Fashion Design and Contemporary Trends in Visual Arts help students to deal with different topics: design of a fashion exhibition, communication and sales campaigns and product management projects. Furthermore, with Business Logics and Organization and Professionalization, students explore the areas related to economy, legal, marketing, event organization for fashion brands.


In the 3rd Academic Year students complete the theoretical part of the course with subjects such as History of Fashion and Phenomenology of New Media, translating the dialogue between the history and the means that the system uses to communicate, with a specific focus on video culture. With the study of Retail to Buying, Business Communication Strategies and Licensing, students have the opportunity to work on real projects in collaboration with companies. The continuation of Professionalization will be essential and introductive for the realization of the Final Work (thesis) developed with honed writing and communication skills, ability to synthetize key information and to critically elaborate effectively new content.

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