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Accademia Costume & Moda is pleased to launch the Undergraduate programme in Fashion Design Management available in the school of Milan along with the renowned course in Fashion Editor, Styling & Communication and the Foundation Course, preparatory course to the Italian taught Undergraduate programmes offered by ACM particularly addressed to students who need to improve their knowledge of Italian language.

The Undegraduate course in Fashion Design Management has the aim of preparing, with an innovative approach, managerial and strategic profiles able to work for Fashion system such as Product Manager, Supply Chain Manager, Brand Manager, Marketing Manager, Communication Manager, Merchandiser.

The uniqueness of the course is characterized by the combination of  Design and Management, from the design of the product until the development of specific  strategies needed for its positioning in the market, with a focus on the economic and sustainable activities that drive the DNA of a brand from communication to marketing strategies.

At the end of the Undergraduate course in Fashion Design Management, students will have the opportunity to receive the support of the Careers&Placement service, and to connect with the numerous companies that collaborate with Accademia Costume & Moda in order to start building their future professional career.

To all the students who are interested in attending Accademia Costume & Moda but do not have an adequate knowledge of Italian language equal to B2 or who do not meet the minimum requirement of 12 years of education as required by the Italian Ministry of Education for the enrolment in Italian taught Undergraduate programmes in Italian academies and universities, Accademia offers the Foundation Course, a preparatory course to our Undergraduate programmes. The Foundation has the aim of providing basic linguistic skills in addition to a solid technical-cultural preparation useful to attend the course Fashion Design Management or other Undergraduate courses with much more  awareness and preparation.

To know if you are eligible to participate in the admission test or to receive more information, we invite you to contact the Counseling Office at the email address,  to find us on Whatsapp +39 3423815672 or to request an informative interview.

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