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FEDERICO BRUGNOLI | Inside Fashion Design Management

Federico is an innovator and an entrepreneur. MSc in Environmental Sciences and Technologies at the University of Milan in 1997, he works with his teams to innovate and promote sustainable business models in Fashion, Luxury, Interior Design, Automotive and other important sectors. In his projects, he tries try to develop an integrated approach toward “innovative sustainability”, encouraging collaboration between large corporations and small and medium-sized businesses. In other projects, he works alongside public authorities and the European Commission in developing and spreading innovative skills in response to fast changing market needs. Federico has developed specific technical skills among others in: Applied Research, Biotechnologies, Life Cycle Assessment, Life Cycle Costing, Corporate Social Responsibility, Risk Management, Technology Transfer. He is also the curator of two inspirational events about innovation in the Luxury industry: Lineapelle Innovation Square and MICAM X.

Responsible innovation, ethical values, inclusion, diversity, are themes that are already part of the soft and hard skills of fashion professionals. How do you think they will influence the near future?

I am very pleased to see how the theme that I most care about professionally, sustainability, is emerging in the fashion world becoming more and more important. Some professional figures are emerging specifically in the world of sustainability and, at the same time, sustainability has become a transversal competence that is increasingly necessary in the fashion world. The future manager of fashion cannot fail to know what sustainability is, cannot fail to know what it means to be sustainable in the fashion world, just like a designer cannot . As far as I am concerned, in fashion it is increasingly powerful and important to think about what to do next: designing sustainable products, supply chains and companies will then allow them to be developed in the right way.

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