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Creative Direction for the Performing Arts

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The Master in Creative Direction for the Performing Arts is aimed at graduates and / or professionals wishing to experience a professional curriculum based on the development of the creative potential of an artist, a festival, a record label. This also includes strategic management skills of a cultural production center, innovative and creative development of the performing entertainment sector in its broadest sense. The programme provides a broad and global vision of the cultural, artistic and creative industry in Italy and internationally, with particular reference to the performing arts: music, theatre and dance.

The objective of the Master is the preparation of a new generation of professionals experienced in the management and creation of the visual identity of musicians, actors, dancers and performers, as well as of brands, and of the reputation of cultural organizations (theatres, festivals, reviews), artistic agencies, record companies and production companies.

Upon completion of the Master in Creative Direction for the Performing Arts students will be able to pursue a professional career within art agencies, record companies, cultural institutions and production houses, as well as in the marketing and communication departments of theatres, festivals and concert halls. Also collaborating as expert consultants and freelancers directly with artists, musicians, actors, dancers and performers. As Creative Director of the performing arts able to develop and enhance the newest skills, opportunities, contents and scenarios for their clients.

  • Chief Creative Director
  • Artistic Director (Cultural Foundations, Festivals, Labels and Cultural Centers)
  • Cultural Manager (Museums, Foundations and Cultural Centers)
  • Creative Advisor
  • Artistic Consultant

The Master is aimed at Graduates of Conservatories, Academies of Fine Arts, Faculty of Economics, DAMS – Discipline Arti Musica Spettacolo (DAMS – Art Music Entertainement Disciplines), Communication Sciences or equivalent qualifications, to those who want to complete and / or deepen their cultural and professional training in the entertainment sector.

To be eligible for the course, students must have:

  • Bachelor Degree or Bachelor of Arts related to the course of study of the Master
  • Bachelor Degree or Bachelor of Arts different from  the above mentioned and not related to the study path of the Master, upon evaluation of the Academic Directorship on the eligibility of the application
  • Professionals with proven experience in the field and students holding a specialization or non-academic study titles related to the study path, upon evaluation of the Academic Directorship on the eligibility of the application

In order to keep the quality of the training experience high, the Master in Creative Direction for the Performing Arts is limited. To access it, it is necessary to pass an admission process based on:

  • CV evaluation
  • Letter of Motivation
  • A written text that analyses a maximum of five creative project-idea-formats that have most impressed the candidate in the performing arts field (music, theatre, dance)
  • Admission interview with the Academic Direction.

Participants have the opportunity to acquire advanced knowledge and transversal skills, integrating full awareness of the fundamentals of artistic management in the three reference areas (music, theatre and dance), developing the ability to manage and use all the main and most innovative specialist techniques of brand, visual identity, marketing and communication management. The knowledge of the relationship between fashion, creative identity and entertainment, the culture of entertainment and music itself, provide the student with the basic skills to be able to face this sector with a creative approach since the creation of new social phenomena in the artistic field implements the same mechanisms that make fashion itself a language capable of representing its time. Strategic, legal and managerial skills complete the course by offering participants the opportunity to operate in this sector with a preparation that is tested throughout the course itself through projects built in synergy with institutions and artists.

Culture and the arts increasingly represent the strategic resource of individual country system and the most important frontier on which competitiveness is at stake. For this reason, the program provides an artistic-cultural preparation aimed at acquiring the right organizational, strategic and creative skills, essential for a figure able to communicate effectively with the various players that make up such a complex system.

Every Academic Master Programme involves Industry Projects in order to make the study experience concrete. To learn more about the projects made in the Master in Creative Direction for the Performing Arts fill the form to request more information.

The research internship is carried out by the students as a part of the curriculum and carries academic credits and can be undertaken with companies located throughout the national territory.

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  • Saturday, April 10 2021 online
  • Saturday, May 8 2021 online
  • Wednesday, July 14 2021 online
  • Saturday, September 11 2021 online

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