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Last November the students of the Master in Style & Management for the Music Industry, coordinated by Roberto Mancinelli, had the most unexpected opportunity, to attend the rehearsals of an episode of X-Factor Italia at the Teatro Re Power in Milan, that then aired the following day on November 24 us, on Sky Italia.

A unique occasion to live the behind-the-scenes of a production that involves hundreds of people, getting to know from A to Z to the complexity of this great organizational machine made up of a vast diversity of personal, with the only goal of sharing emotion, the communication and enhancement the talent of the competing artists.

From the Stage Direction to the Set Design, that was entirely built by skilled hands backstage, to the Art Direction, the Graphics Office and then culminating inside the Costume Department thanks to our alumna Maria Sabato who made this experience possible together with Francesca Pietrogrande, Creative Producer.

A true Masterclass for the students that was not so much planned but just happened, finding themselves confronted for twenty minutes with Emanuele Cristofoli aka Laccio, Artistic Director who explained the creative process of how the image and choreography of the individual performances are built. In addition to a conversational experience with the great Alessandro Voltolin, Stage Director, the heart and soul of the Program who literally explained every single detail of the stage, how it’s developed used, constructed and how it’s lived. All this was put in context with a continuous dialogue with Director of Photography, Ivan Pierri and with Director Luigi Antonini.

The director, Luigi who elaborated on his role while hosting the students and explained at great length with the help of the 50+ screen preparations of the episode, from the television point of view, the process of editing, how you transfer through the screen and most importantly the effectiveness of the emotional impact you want to achieve with your work.

Inside the Costume / Wardrobe department, a second impromptu Masterclass, thanks to the incredible generosity of our alumna Maria Sabato (Costume Designer) and Veronica Bergamin (Stlyist), who described the daily routine, made up of many hours of work to support the creation of the image that week by week is being identified and not only of the artists, but also of the entire dance troupe, in full alignment with the Artistic Direction. This culminated with a detailed tour of the various “looks” being prepared including some collections made by our ACM Talents, (Academic Diploma of First Level in Costume & Fashion) and worn during the season.

During a meeting with Antonio Filippelli, Music Director, he illustrated the articulated production of a Program whose intent is precisely to make the most of the musical experience, and again the Authors, Chiara Guerra, Giacomo Guerra, Lorenzo Campagnari who between breaks while the students were sitting watching the rehearsals told their point of view with respect to the creation of the content, to the editors of the daily Anna Ferrajoli etc etc.

A UNIQUELY incredible experience for our students of the Master in Style & Management for the Music Industry being given the perfectly relevant insight to the different worlds that characterize the lives of hundreds of people who despite the obvious tiredness, resulting from the long hours, working even until 02.00am, smiled enthusiastically and ready to have fun, giving emotions.

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