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Talk about Styling and Music Industry

The multiplication of promotional possibilities in the era of popular multi-channels, including social media, has necessarily prompted the main players in the music market to ask themselves questions and find solutions in a reactive and fast way.

The image, styling and non-verbal language of a recording project, especially if it is debuting, is as crucial as the musical/compositional and vocal part. Therefore, whoever suggests, imagines and manages the managerial machine of an artist has, now more than ever, a clear vision and, albeit as a whole, a distinction of the individual parts of a recording project/product.

The meeting between (Mancinell/Mazzoleni) two important professionals who have been confronting each other on this multidisciplinary terrain for years has the aim of offering a story of skills that are not very popular but of primary importance.

After a journey through the individual professional skills and experiences of our speakers, during the talk, they will answer the questions most related to music management and the management of the image of an artist.


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