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Academic Master

The Art & Craft of the Costume Designer

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  • Duration

    1 year (Full-time)

  • Credits

    60 ECTS

  • Language

    Italian | English

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The Academic Master in The Art & Craft of the Costume Designer intends to deepen the cultural and professional education in the field of Costume, from design to its realization. The role of the Costume Designer is essential in Opera, as well as in Prose, in Cinema or Series (TV production). Moreover, the Costume Designer is an artist who knows well history, tradition, anthropological roots, psychological interpretations, emotional strategies and who, through its creations, is able to identify and reproduce the era within the context in which the story takes place as well as the characters’ personality.

The Master course is in collaboration with costumier tailors, shoe factories, make-up, and wig workshops,and Roman millineries, representative of the highest interpretative and craft skills in the world, recognized for competence, creativity, and workmanship at the service of the most important international productions.

The objectives are aimed at preparing professionals able to respond to the requests of theatre/cinema productions but also to collaborate with ateliers. Design projects simulate the creative process from iconographic research, the character creation, the drawing, up to the making of the costume. Laboratory/ Tailoring Studio experimentations lead to the concrete realization of the project for the potential theatre and cinematographic productions. The aim is to create professionals able to respond to the demands of productions in every area of the performing arts.

Upon completion of the Academic Master in The Art & Craft of the Costume Designer students will be able to pursue a career as Assistant Costume DesignerCostume Designer ConsultantProfessional Costume Designer able to work in national and international theatre/cinema productions.

Industry Projects
  • Assistant Costume Designer
  • Costume Designer Consultant
  • Professional Costume Designer

The Academic Master in The Art & Craft of the Costume Designer is addressed to graduates holding a Bachelor Degree or other equivalent study title recognized according to the current regulations related to the course and who would like to begin a study path and a career in Costume Design.

To be eligible for the course, students must have:

  • Bachelor Degree or Bachelor of Arts related to the course of study of the Master
  • Bachelor Degree or Bachelor of Arts different from  the above mentioned and not related to the study path of the Master, upon evaluation of the Academic Directorship on the eligibility of the application
  • Professionals with proven experience in the field and students holding a specialization or non-academic study titles related to the study path, upon evaluation of the Academic Directorship on the eligibility of the application

In order to maintain the high quality of the learning experience, the Academic Master in The Art & Craft of the Costume Designer responds to a limited enrolment policy. To be admitted in the course, applicants are required to submit their resume, motivational letter and portfolio for evaluation and to pass an admission interview with the Academic Directorship.

The course consists of various elements: particular emphasis is given to research through Art and Photography being key cultural subjects and an essential source of research documentation before leading to the design process. Opera of the 18th century, the Italian Opera, the German Opera, the Realism of the Romantic and Contemporary Ballet are all crucially important in order to broaden the interpretative and creative ability of the Costume Designer. The acquisition of a design method is expressed through the interpretation of the script and budgeting, illustration and the understanding of the psychology of characters through the association with colour and atmosphere. Accessories for costume, historical fabric development, make-up, hairstyles, and production budgeting are also explored.
Workshops encourage students to discover inventive solutions to practical design issues. The implementation of costume cutting takes into consideration the characterization and the deep study of different historical periods. Thanks to a range of projects, professional skills are acquired and expressed in research, in the definition and interpretation of the character’s psychology and in the relationships between the various production departments.

Every Academic Master Programme involves Industry Projects in order to make the study experience concrete. To learn more about the projects made in the Academic Master in The Art & Craft of the Costume Designer fill the form to request more information.

The research internship is carried out by the students as a part of the curriculum and carries academic credits and can be undertaken with companies located throughout the national territory.

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Industry projects

five creative design workshops of the master in costume design

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From Budgeting to the definition of the character: Master Final Project

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The Art & Craft of the Costume Designer Alumni

The Art & Craft of the Costume Designer Alumni

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