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Fashion Archive: Managing a Strategic Asset

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The Fashion Archive: Managing a Strategic Asset Specialization Course, in collaboration with Max Mara, is a full-immersion experience focusing on the increasingly important theme of Fashion Heritage. Through the presentation of case histories, the basis looking at successful models and methodologies, Fashion Heritage is recognized: a new corporate function whose mission goes beyond the protection and conservation of historical heritage and works towards the enhancement of the cultural identity of a Brand.

A concrete and innovative vision for Fashion Archive is outlined, through guidelines for the organization, cataloguing and consultation of its materials, made even more affective thanks to digital systems. The Fashion Archive thus becomes the backbone of a new strategic function, at the centre of key processes such as the design of new products, communication and brand image.

The aim of the course is to provide participants with a real, concrete and integrated understanding of Fashion Heritage, and set of tools to be used in a coherent and coordinated way, so that the historical and cultural heritage of a fashion company becomes a real source of competitive advantage.

The course is aimed at students and graduates in the areas of fashion, management, communication and archiving, or professionals in the same areas who wish to deepen the practice and governance of Heritage Management, with a focus within the Fashion sector.

Grazia Venneri

Grazia Venneri is the founder of NEV consultancy practice. With a Master degree in communications, Grazia has more than 20 years of experience in the Fashion industry. As the Heritage Department Manager at Gucci, she created and managed the Historical Archive, the Gucci Digital Platform and contributed to the concept, creation and launch of the Gucci Museum. In her role, she curated and coordinated several Heritage communications initiatives, editorial projects, and exhibitions.

The course is aimed at deepening the archival theme and enhancing the heritage in fashion and luxury companies. The profile will include physical and digital Fashion Archive management skills.

  • The Fashion Archive as a bridge between Brand Identity and Evolution
  • Organization of the Physical Archive: placing in the archival spaces of the Product and analogue material (documents and images), conservation, conditioning and restoration
  • Coordination of research, consultation, visits, editing, loans
  • Research and acquisition of new material
  • Cataloguing, digitization and photographic shooting: tools, methods and workflow
  • The Digital Heritage Platform as a strategic and competitive tool, aims, models and functions

Project: During the course a project will be carried out with the aim to consolidate the competences acquired during the course.

In order to keep the quality of the experience high, the Fashion Archive: Managing a Strategic Asset Specialization Course has a limited number. To access it, there is an interview discussion following the presentation of curriculum and motivational letter.

Enrollment Fee: 750€
Tuition Fee:

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Fashion Archive: Managing a Strategic Asset Alumni

Fashion Archive: Managing a Strategic Asset Alumni

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