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Chiara Raparo: “Fashion Archive, key moment of my educational path”

After a graduation in Sciences of Cultural Heritage, Chiara has specialized in History of Art and explored in depth the sector of archiving also thanks to a short experience in an important ar-chive.
A professional experience in Paris in an institutional environment lasted 4 years has finally led her to follow her passion towards heritage management and to attend the Specialization Course in Introduction to Fashion Archive which has contributed in the enhancement of her career as Junior Archive Manager in the Paris branch of Swarovski.

What has been your educational path?

I have graduated in Sciences of Cultural Heritage and specialized in History of Arts.
During my specialization I had the opportunity to deepen the study of archiving which has allowed me to work in an important archive, an experience that has left a significant place in my heart.
Few months after my graduation, I have decided to start a new journey by moving in Paris, France, where I have begun a new, stimulating, and enriching experience which, for a series of circumstances, has led me to work in an institutional environment. This experience has meant so much in terms of acquisition of new competences even though distant from the world of history, beauty and creativity upon which I wanted to build my career.
After four years, I felt the need of going back to my roots and my real passions and it is with this objective in mind that I have arrived in ACM.

What has represented for you the Specialization Course Introduction to Fashion Archive?

This course has represented a key moment, not only in my educational path.
With simplicity and great efficiency, Grazia Venneri, coordinator of the course, has introduced herself by telling us her story: an unconventional story of great passion. It has been like being ta-ken by the hand.
Through her classes, also thanks to the special intervention of experts of this sector and to the possibility of developing a project with the Gianfranco Ferré Foundation, we have had the chance to understand the essential role of the archive within a company, an archive not to be intended as the warehouse of a dusty past but as living guardian, regenerator of the essential values of a brand, instrument and source of ideas and creativity.

What are you doing today?

The theoretical instruments that I have had access to, have given me the possibility to find the right motivation to pursue this path, the will to find new opportunity that would allow me to make new experiences and learn.
Today I am taking my first steps in this sector with curiosity by working as Junior Archive Manager for the French branch of Swarovski, a brand with 125 of history, which is going through a process of renovation. There I have recognized that sense of originality that we have often dis-cussed during the course, that is to say the intention to develop a different language inside a brand, made of new terms, enriched in the present by looking at that heritage of ideas and expe-riences that have determined its origins in the past.


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