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Graduation Day | MA Creative Knitwear Design

February 3rd 2021: Another edition of the MA Creative Knitwear Design has just ended and our students presented their final projects to the Academic Commission during the graduation ceremony, held in our Rome campus.

Sixteen collections, designed by our young talents and developed with some of the excellences of the Italian wool district.

Knowledgeable and mature works, aimed not only to demonstrate the skills acquired over the year, but also to communicate and convey a clear message.

Freedom, Quality and Sustainability: these and three key words unite the sixteen projects presented.

Freedom, to express themselves, one’s individual personality and inner philosophy; freedom not to feel tied to a gender stereotype, to be fluid without any social diktat.

Quality of the yarns used, such as cashmere, silk, merino wool and mohair, which made the collections presented unique and which the students wisely used in popular and innovative manufacturing techniques.

Sustainability, which has been the cornerstone of each Capsule Collection, created with full respect for the environment. Natural, biodegradable and recovered yarns have allowed the students to achieve the goal of presenting totally sustainable collections, right from their design.

A project, that of the Master in Creative Knitwear Design, which involves many of the manufacturing companies that this year have decided to support our students in the realization of their collections: MAGLIFICIO MARILINA, ARTEMAGLIA FASHION, ZANNI MAGLIERIA, MAGLIFICIO LOREDANA, MAS , MELY’S, SMT, NEW ESTER, JACKYTEX, TINTORIA ROSTA NUOVA, ZEGNA BARUFFA LANE BORGOSESIA, VOLCAR, DONDI GROUP, DELLA ROVERE, BLU DI PRUSSIA, PAIMA, INNOCENTI, SHIMA SEIKI ITALY, TOLLEGNO 1900



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