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Project Officina Creativa is the new partner of the Master in Fashion Sustainability & Industry Evolution, starting in March 2021 on the new ACM Campus in Milan.

Chairman & CEO Matteo Lavezzo announces the donation of a scholarship, offered by Project Officina Creativa to support a deserving student who will participate in the master.

“In recent years we have questioned ourselves a lot about the purpose of Project and, after carefully defining our corporate vision, we realized that the phrase that could best represent all our values ​​was Project Supports Daring Peple.

In this slogan, sustainability plays a key role because Project is an environment designed to improve the well-being of people inside and outside the company, encouraging experimentation, sharing and open innovation and enhancing relationships with stakeholders in order to create a solid chain around Project that shares the same principles: centrality of the customer, traced and certified supply chain, open-innovation relationships.

Pursuing our vision, we noticed that Project, thanks to sustainability, was growing in terms of turnover and value. We therefore had confirmation that it was the right way to go and we made Corporate Social Responsibility a business strategy, orienting ourselves towards a purpose with collective purposes, capable of generating a positive social, ethical and ecological impact.

And the profits arrived immediately, even more than before, but what is fundamental is the increase in the quality of our relationships with people in the company, with customers and stakeholders, because they are focused on shared values ​​and objectives.

We are very happy with our collaboration with Accademia Costume & Moda for the Master in Fashion Sustainability & Industry Evolution, because in addition to investing in young talents who are growing, the master works on the principles in which Project believes, helping to consolidate our orientation towards open-innovation.

Training young people on sustainability in fashion is important to create a more ethical and responsible future together, starting above all from the supply chain.”

Matteo Lavezzo, Chairmain & CEO di Project Officina Creativa


The main learning objective of the Master, headed by Federico Brugnoli – MA Scientific Director and CEO of Spin360 – is to design new professional figure aware of responsible innovation processes across the economic, environmental and social fields.

Cultural and design disciplines, business models, the legal area, communication and areas of scientific study in constant evolution will be integrated in the training offer.

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