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Fiamma Lanzara

The Library  “Fiamma Lanzara” and the Historical Archive of the Accademia Costume & Moda represent the largest center of fashion cultural documentation in Lazio.

The “Fiamma Lanzara”, with its 4500 monographic volumes and 12000 magazine issues covering more than 150 years of fashion journalism, offers an excellent sector research service for all students and researchers of costume, fashion, art, arts stage, communication and marketing.

The Historical Archive, with its 3 restricted funds ( Accademia Costume & Moda, Rosana Pistolese and Bruno Piattelli), testifies to the prestigious work done in the 56 years of history by the founder Rosana Pistolese and the Accademia all for the formation of figures highly professional in the world of costume and fashion.

General Informations

The Library – Newspaper Archive “Fiamma Lanzara” is open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00pm

Viviana Damiano, Library Manager
Claudia Pracanica, Library


Phone  +39 06 88988370 e +39 06 89165841

The Historical Archive is open by appointment and upon request for consultation according to the form you find in the “archive” section to be presented to the Archival and Bibliographic Superintendency for Lazio

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Library - Newspaper Archive “Fiamma Lanzara”

  • 500 monographic volumes: including the editions of the largest international fashion houses donated to the Academy, autographed by their Creative Directors, insights into costume, theater, cinema and scenic arts, history volumes, communication and marketing manuals;
  • 12000 magazine issues: From the 1st issue of the American edition of Harper’s Bazaar followed by the Italian edition, passing through the complete collection of “Beauty: monthly of high fashion and Italian life”, up to the prestigious magazine collections fashion by Irene Brin, the first Italian Fashion Editor;
  • The first issue of Corriere della Sera and other rarely available and no longer active magazines (Club, Margherita, La Mode Illustrée)
  • Franca Sozzani Donation: 1200 monographic volumes, including volumes of costume, fashion, photography and art, belonging to the private collection of Franca Sozzani, historical director of Vogue Italia, and donated to the Academy by Francesco Carrozzini and Sara Maino Sozzani




Accademia Costume & Moda

  • From 1950 to 2012;
  • More than 50 years of documentation which, through letters, photographs and press reviews, tell the story of the Costume & Fashion Academy;
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 Rosana Pistolese

  • From 1962 to 2007;
  • Teaching documents, sketches, works and letters that allow you to discover and study the life and experince of the founder of the Accademia;
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Bruno Piattelli

  • From 1963 to 2000;
  • Documentation that recounts the stylistic and cultural patron activity of one of the top representatives of Made in Italy and men’s high fashion all over the world;
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