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Project Leader: Enrico Fasoli
Master in Fashion Communication & Art Direction a.a. 2021/2022

Industry Project in collaboration with FURLA: Enrico Della Svizzera, Global PR & Communication Director, Ilaria Tafuri Sustainability specialist, Sara Ravenna, HR Business Partner, Serena Maria Prati, Chief Licensing & Business Development Officer, Marco Taddeo EMEA PR& Media Manager.

The digital dimension of communication has become increasingly relevant, and it will grow according to new tools and media. Furla has developed sustainable practices over the last few years in different facets and with a multiplicity of projects importantly to be communicated with the proper ton of voice.

Proud of its DNA and of its unparalleled heritage in the world of leather goods, Furla develops an ambitious project aimed at exalting its Italian manufacturing legacy while creating a profound link with the most beautiful and untouched natural landscape. Furla Progetto Italia, which will become the heart of Furla’s manufacturing and creative supply chain, will house 130 employees who will have the chance to express their creativity and their artisanal skills in a highly stimulating environment, which combines the respect of traditions with a new desire for high-tech innovation and artistic experimentation.

Industry Brief

This project presented various degrees of complexity and implements different objectives for the students. The creation of a digital strategic plan that includes social media, integrated communication with the site. The sites of the various brands within the store, talents / influencer marketing; enhancement and definition of strategies aimed at enlarging Brand awareness with specific reference to the areas of sustainability and responsible innovation. The main objective of the project was to build and expand the digital and consumer community of Furla through a series of strategies and initiatives consistent with the values of the Brand. Students were required to develop an integrated strategic digital plan on different platforms to communicate the complexity of different actions that The Brand has put in place to become more sustainable, through an integrated plan and a single narration.

A great variety of methodologies were applied to the design process includes several factors, for example brand DNA analysis, the definition of the communication concept that the students intended to convey with their proposal in order to realize a complete project consistent with the research. Each student was invited to develop textual and visual research report,  aimed at summarizing and presenting the concept of the project. The research and analysis of the competitive landscape within the area of accessories with specific references to that sustainable area, case histories and best practice. Essential to the success of this project was the proposal of a digital strategic plan, social media, editorial plan, website, influencer and talent, performance marketing and a summarized digital presentation containing the summary of the entire project, definition of the strategic plan and harmonization all of the various elements.

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