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Project Leader: Luigi Mulas Debois
Master in Accessories Design a.y. 2020/2021

Industry Project in collaboration with SCHOLL _ Tobias Klaiber, CEO; Camilla Manager; Andrea Ladisa, Senior Marketing Manager ed Estelle Bauer, Range Manager Poggio, Brand.

100 years of experience: pioneers in the world of footwear creating an unsurpassed combination of comfort, technology and style. Scholl offers a variety of products characterized by unique comfort and technologies perfected over time.

The story begins in Chicago in 1899, where William Scholl moved there at the age of 17 to work in a small shoe shop specializing in orthopedic footwear. Since that moment, William Scholl dedicated his life to the well-being of the feet. In the postwar period, people became increasingly aware of the benefits of an active lifestyle. But regular exercise took time and was often boring. Scholl introduced his famous hoof that gives muscle tone to the legs with every step. He quickly became an icon of the Swinging Sixties and is still greatly known around the world today. Between the 90s and 2000s, Scholl launched a collection of comfortable shoes on the market with a unique element: Scholl technologies.

Industry Brief

In spring 2021, our students of the Master in Accessories Design took part in an extra-didactic contest in which other Italian institutes also participated. The students were asked to develop an individual design project, aligned with Scholl’s DNA, accompanying it with ideas and proposals for innovative experimentation, undertaking the idea of the regeneration of an iconic object.

Subject of the brief, launched at our headquarters by Tobias Klaiber, CEO (connected via teams); Camilla Poggio, Brand Manager; Andrea Ladisa, Senior Marketing Manager and Estelle Bauer, Range Manager, was the design of a capsule collection of around 5 models for the Scholl Iconic F/W 22 collection. The object of the fashion interpretation was the iconic design of the wooden clog “Pescura ”, which has a particular style revised over several generations, and to give it a new life by bringing it into the contemporary world. Reinterpreting a characterizing product, part of the heritage and DNA of a brand, is a risky but a fascinating experience at the same time. In fact, it is necessary to find a creative key that maintains the strengths, enhancing them where necessary, to innovate without distorting the concept. Reconstructing a collective imagination, linked both to the tradition and innovation of the shoe, has thus become an important objective of a new creative design. The projects by Silvia Stefanucci, Licio Nicolò Barile and Laura Pistorino were selected, these students then had the opportunity to see their prototyped created at the Scholl headquarters.

On 17 November 2021 Laura Pistorino was elected winner of the competition who then did an extra-curricular internship at the brand. Subsequently, Silvia Stefanucci also did an extra-curricular internship with them.

Both students works have been included in the collection.

Special thanks to Tobias Klaiber, Camilla Poggio, Andrea Ladisa and Estelle Bauer and to the Scholl team who set the challenge for our students with an iconic object and for the time they dedicated to the students.

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