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Salvatore Ferragamo Industry Project

“There is no limit to the beauty, no saturation point in design, no end to the material.” In this quote of Salvatore Ferragamo, founder of the renowned Luxury Brand, resides the essence of this project. Student are asked to explore and dig into heritage, future and innovation of the whole Brand to fully understand and read the codes that are relevant to encompass a design project at a professional level.

The objective of this project was to offer students the opportunity to simulate a consultancy for one among the most prestigious brands worldwide. Luxury, innovation, research are the key asset to establish one’s own work development. Purpose and main objective of this project is to conduct.

In this project the visit to the Salvatore Ferragamo premises in Florence was a moment of reflection and check on the design hypothesis generated by the basic research focusing on the brand DNA.  Research explored the historical archives and hands on experimentation. Students were asked to develop a concept coherent with the requests of the brief, able to translate and project the view of the founder in the next decade; Past-Future representing the delicate balance on which to base the definition of one’s own concept. The visit to Lineapelle supported students in defining the project in terms of materials and construction techniques with stronger awareness. To complete the narrative and the promotion of the collection, students were invited to define a small Visual Management project

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