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Industry Project with Filati BE.MI.VA

Project: Filati BE.MI.VA
Project Leader: Simona Spaggiari
Master in Creative Knitwear Design a.y. 2020/2021

Industry Project in collaboration with FILATI BE.MI.VA_ Laura Benesperi, Co-owner & Global Sales Manager; Massimo Rustichelli, Sales Manager.

In May 2022, the Industry Project was presented to the students of the Master in Creative Knitwear Design in collaboration with Filati BE.MI.VA, a renowned spinning mill of Made in Italy, distinguished for the creativity of its yarns and the search for high quality raw materials.

Industry Brief

The objective of the Industry Project in collaboration with featured the design and development of the creative concept of the yarn collection, within exhibition spaces of Pitti Filati, Milan and Paris, for the FW 2022/2023 season.

The presentation of a yarn collection for a Filatura is the culmination of many months of research and development and must best express the characteristics and peculiarities of the company which, in the case of Filati BE.MI.VA., stands out for being every proactive, innovative and reference season for the luxury/research sector of the knitwear market.
From sharing the concept of Filati for the A/W 22/23 season which was developed in two main concepts (Harmony therapeutic design and Refuge cocoon protection). The students, divided into teams, firstly elaborated the concept and subsequently developed a proposal of stitches, swatches, boards and garments to best represent the yarns of the new collection with original, innovative and technologically up-to-date stitches and processes.

The students developed a creative concept, which also included the exhibition and communication phase of the project, exalted the intrinsic nature of the material, the exploration of research and also the attention to the environment and the company’s sustainability.
The project was a work in progress: in fact, it matured simultaneously with the progress of the yarn collection and also included the most innovative and well researched.

At the end of the project, this was extra-curricular, the garments were all realised by Filati and by Corazzari Maglierie and Divina Mode, in collaboration with the students who provided all the technical indications and followed all the phases of the creation, weaving, packaging and preparation. Thanks to Filati, to Laura Benesperi, Global Sales Manager, for involving our students in an innovative and extremely creative Industry Project.

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