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CRISDEN: Envisioning a different fashion future

Project: Envisioning a different fashion future
Project Leader: Luigi Mulas Debois
Master in Accesories Design a.y. 2020/2021

Industry Project in collaboration with CRISDEN _ Denis Bedeschi, Owner, Roberta Farri Product Development Manager and Francesca Mancin, Product Development

The ideal partner for this project is one of the most important companies in the field of creative luxury accessories: Crisden, “founded in 1973 as a belt factory thanks to the enthusiasm and resourcefulness of the Bedeschi family. The passion for the product, creativity and the desire to “dare” lead the company to be recognized in a few years as one of the most renowned national and international prêt-à-porter brands.”


“Every new generation laughs at old fashions, but they religiously follow the new ones” – Henry David Thoreau. With this idea, the Crisden team presented the Master’s students with the new industry project whose objective was to make them investigate different design areas in the definition of a unique design guided by strong design research. Working also with innovation and experimentation of materials and processes, as well as the themes of environmental sustainability and inclusiveness which are now pre-eminent among the needs of the sector. The students then had the opportunity to visit the company, the archive as well as the production line.

The project was aimed at a transgenerational audience, the past and vintage have become an important driver in the search for accessories and metalware for leather goods that are increasingly suited to circularity and aimed at innovation. The analysis of closures and accessories was part of a process that aimed to enhance and update iconic elements in a much broader context.

The students were asked to produce work that, in addition to this specific category, also includes bijoux and objects of various kinds that exploit the skills of the company involved in the use of materials from leather, metals and wood.

Thanks to Denis Bedeschi, Owner, Roberta Farri Product Development Manager and Francesca Mancin, Product Development for the time dedicated to our students. After this industry project, two of our students did a curricular internship at the company: Beatrice Darwell Taylor and Violeta del Rocio Ascurra Diaz.

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