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Project Leader: Pablo Arroyo
Master in Fashion Communication & Art Direction a.y. 2020/2021

Industry Project in collaboration with ARMANI SILOS

This project was born with the purpose of researching, analyzing and designing for one of the most important players, creators of Made in Italy and Italian fashion in the world: Armani. The sense of the project lies in the opportunity to integrate the DNA of such an identifying brand with personal visions and interpretations that can be expressed through curation and the creation of a dedicated performance. To operate in this direction, the students were followed by Pablo Arroyo, photographer, art director and curator with a long multifaceted experience in the sector.


The discovery of the universe of curating in its most cultured and artistic sense to interpret fashion and its communication as a cultural and not just a marketing tool. For those wishing to operate in this sector it is essential to understand that communication passes through a curatorial sensitivity and the definition of one’s own creative universe, the balance between one’s own design personality and the identity of the universe that is told is crucial.

The work process was based on two main elements: the interpretation of the Brand codes alone or in relation to other actors and other creative universes. The heritage of Armani has a lot to tell and lends itself to the creation of many concepts/interpretations. Storytelling is at the center of the cultural debate about and of fashion and, at a time when digital technology has transferred much of the emotionality to another dimension, the need to think of an exhibition that possibly combines the physical part with the immaterial one, offers multiple modes of storytelling. The curatorship implements various aspects ranging from the analysis of the physical space and its potential to a serious documentation on the object of the research and, in this specific case, the inclusion of other actors, interpreters who transfer the most iconic aspects into the present the brand is recognized.

Congratulations students for the wonderful work done and special thanks to Armani Silos team, who supported them during the project.

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