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Crisden Industry Project

The expression Made in Italy indicates all those qualities for which Italian products are recognized and admired all over the world as excellences: high level of raw materials, refined design, innovation, attention to details, creativity, durability. Among the most exported Italian industrial and craft products there are leather goods whose industry is highly fashion oriented. Many important Italian fashion houses started their success through small leather workshops and nowadays their leather products are valued for the combination of high craftsmanship and glamourous design.

In this project students will collaborate with one among the most relevant Companies within the field of high-level accessories for fashion: Crisden, “founded in 1973 as a belt producer thanks to the enthusiasm and proactiveness of Bedeschi family, hence the name Crisden. The love for the product, the creativity and the willingness to “venture” led the company to be well-known in just a few years, among the most famous designers of national and international ready-to-wear brands. Still today, the company’s first identity and strength is to promote each season with a rich research on models, materials and processes that can feed a vast archive of more than 32,000 catalogued models, maintained since the company’s founding days. The company strives to create ideas and support the various fashion divisions of fashion brands for belts, Prét-à-Porter, and for elements typically linked to leather goods and textile, and the study on metal components and materials declined to create complete accessories.  Thanks to the expertise of its staff, the company is able to create a finished product in its entirety, from the choice of materials, workmanship and shapes. ”

Crisden, in the succession of fashions, has always emphasized his style, exalting, sometimes to excess, volumes, decorations, sets of materials.

The accessory becomes exaggerated, eccentric, almost as if to intentionally change its meaning from decorative to the body to decorative art for a space.

The Crisden accessory could be defined as a taste of Camp1, for its aestheticism, which seduces by using blatant techniques of a double interpretation or transforming one thing into another.

It is Camp because it uses kitsch consciously and in a sophisticated way and emphasizes love for the non-natural, for artifice and exaggeration.

Students are asked to challenge their sensitivity as sensitivity is all Camp is about, to research and develop personal and independent proposals for a fashion accessories small collection.


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