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Max Mara: Between individuality and envision

A.Y. 2021-2022

In the months of May and June 2022, the students of the Master in Creative Knitwear Design were involved in a special Industry Project in collaboration with the Max Mara Fashion Group.

The students were asked to develop a visionary design project, capable of interpreting the band codes of the referred brands, accompanied by extensive research and experimentation both in the materials proposed and in the processes used.

Industry Brief

Students chose one of the three brands proposed in the Creative Brief – Max Mara, Sportmax and Max &Co – and developed an original design project for the A/W 2023 season, through extensive research and experimentation in both design and materials.

The design project, with a focus on knitwear, envisaged, depending on the brand chosen, the development of a proposal of patterned or total look knits, with the possible inclusion of jersey garments to complement the look. Each student was asked to undertake in depth analysis of the identity of the brand, its consumer, and competitors in the international market. The students also had the opportunity to create various stitches in collaboration with the Imax company, following demonstrations of programming and product development using the most advanced Shima Seiki technologies.

At the end of the project, the students presented their projects to Laura Lusuardi, Fashion Coordinator of Max Mara Fashion Group, and to the various creative teams of each Brand.

Thanks to Max Mara Fashion Group for proposing to our students to develop a project that had the aim of representing and expressing the balance between a design that looks to the future of the brand while respecting the identity and heritage.

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