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Summer Course

Summer Fashion Experience

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Overview & Learning Outcomes

The Summer Fashion Experience offers as basic training program of a week duration and is structured in introductive classes of 6 hours a day focused on the main aspects of Fashion, Costume, Accessories, Communication and, in the broadest sense, of Made in Italy.

The course intends to provide a synthetic and complete study experience that represents a solid starting point for a much conscious choice and the development of a long-lasting study path in Fashion.



The course takes place in the beautiful and evocative city of Rome in which students will be also involved in visits to some of the most attractive locations for art and fashion. Valentino, Fendi, Bulgari are only some of the maisons that were born in the eternal city that, with its art and history, has inspired numerous designers, becoming the protagonist of the Italian Haute Couture.

The Summer Fashion Experience of Accademia Costume & Moda has been developed with the aim of offering students who are interested in continuing their Undergraduate study path in fashion studies, a first significant experience in the field by combining the didactic activity to a discovery of the city of Rome and its Heritage.

In order to maintain a high level of the study experience, the Summer Fashion Experience responds to a limited-enrolments policy. The access to the course is not subordinated to specific entry requirements or admission procedures.

The course is designed to offer a brief overview of the main subject areas and fields that characterize the programs offered by Accademia Costume & Moda: Fashion, Accessories, Costume and Communication, integrating different topics and competences. Lectures are divided into 4 modules alternating theoretical contents to basic practical activities.

The choice of doing the course in Rome and with Rome is not accidental, not only for its incredible artistic heritage but also because it represents a nerve centre of Italian fashion and costume, seat of communication and public relations offices.

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