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Summer Course

Summer Fashion Experience Milan

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    1 Week (From 17 to 21 July)

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Overview & Learning Outcomes

The Summer Fashion Experience Milan is structured as a week rich of classes, workshops and introductive laboratories focused on the main areas of Fashion, Styling, Editing, Photography and Management.

Different sectors well integrated as to provide a complete and affordable experience able to build the basis on which to develop a much-structured academic path.


The course takes place in Milan, capital of Fashion, in which students will be also involved in visits to some of the most attractive locations for fashion.

The Summer Fashion Experience Milan of Accademia Costume & Moda has been developed with the aim of offering its participants a first significant experience in the field by combining the in-class activity with concrete experiences as to acquire much more awareness in choosing to continue their studies in the fashion field.

The access to the course is not subordinated to specific entry requirements or admission procedures. A strong interest and desire to learn more about Fashion and its cultural aspects is all that is needed.

In order to maintain a high level of the study experience, the Summer Fashion Experience Rome responds to a limited-enrolments policy.

The Summer Fashion Experience Milan will explore the world of styling, photography and strategic and creative management, offering students the opportunity to challenge themselves with the fashion sector through small projects. Participants will be able to experience photoshoots, learn about the logic of marketing and understand the sociological implications in fashion. Visits are also planned during the week. All of these activities also have an orientation value for those who want to choose to continue their studies in this area in the future.

One Week
Enrollment Fee: € 200
Tuition Fee: € 780

Two Week Milan+Rome
Enrollment Fee: € 400
Tuition Fee: € 1560

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