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Moncler Industry Project | Part 1

In an exciting collaboration, Master’s students from our Fashion Communication & Art Direction andFashion Sustainability and Industry Evolution  have joined forces with global luxury brand Monclerfor a groundbreaking Industry Project.

Under the expert guidance of our faculty and industry partners, students are diving deep into the realms of sustainability, innovation, and brand communication.

Master in Fashion Sustainability and Industry Evolution

Led by our esteemed partner Spin 360, students in this cohort are exploring the intricate web of factorsinfluencing the environmental footprint of fashion products. Through a meticulous Life CycleAssessment (LCA) of select Moncler items, they are identifying key areas for improvement and devising alternative scenarios to minimize environmental impact.

Master in Fashion Communication & Art Direction

Under the mentorship of renowned industry expert Pablo Arroyo, students in this program are embarking on a journey to redefine the cultural and artistic narrative of the Moncler brand. Beyond traditional marketing, they are delving into the brand’s essence, exploring its rich heritage and envisioning innovative ways to communicate its values to a global audience.


Thank you to the entire Moncler team for this incredible collaboration.

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