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Francesca Romana Secca: “The course is structured to provide useful tools to better understand the sector.”

Graduated in Communication at La Sapienza University in Rome, is now working as Head of Designers Relations, of the Fashion Week calendar for AltaRoma and Project Manager of important initiatives and is teacher and tutor for Masters and professional programs in Luxury Marketing and Communication for the most prestigious Fashion Academies and Business schools.

What is the structure of the course in Fashion Marketing & Advertising?  

The course is structured as to analyze the professional scenario of fashion providing useful tools as to better understand the specific mechanism of sector. The main focus is on Fashion Marketing, Event Management, Branding, Advertising and Fashion Communication.

To whom it is addressed? 

It is addressed to all those who want to approach the fashion world for the first time also with the aim of considering to evaluate fashion as a possible further education.

How can the course respond the needs of those who will attend it? 

The course is useful to acquire a strategic vision of the fashion sector and to understand how luxury brands work. During the course, different business models will be analyzed along with the branding activities, advertising and communication techniques.

Why are Marketing and Advertising so peculiar in fashion and why should we need to know them better?

The challenges of the fashion sector are always in evolution and the marketing tools are essential to comprehend its development as to adopt the right strategies able to offer companies the best tracks to follow to create value.

In which ways it has evolved through years? Which are the main objectives of education in this sector? 

The main education objectives are based on the ability to understand, analyze, apply and evaluate through soft skills and the specific aptitude that every individual has. The student today is placed at the centre of the educational path as active element.

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